Where is Kim Sae Ron now? Controversial Actress Has Found Her New Calling

Amid Kim Sae Ron’s hiatus, the controversial actress once again made headlines after reports revealed what she’s been up to lately. 

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Since the drunk driving incident in 2022, “The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim” star has been stepping out of the spotlight and living as a private individual. 

However, a local news outlet revealed the life of Kim Sae Ron after the DUI scandal. 

Kim Sae Ron Currently Teaches Acting Lessons to Aspiring Celebrities

In a report cited by Newsen, a casting director shared that Kim Sae Ron is teaching acting lessons to aspiring celebrities and “rookie actors and trainees near her home.”

Kim Sae Ron
(Photo : Gold Medalist Ent. Instagram)

In addition to this, the source said that the former teen star is giving lessons to about 4 to 5 students and has group chats where they update their schedules.

“A representative from an advertising agency has been helping Kim Sae Ron, whose income has stopped since the beginning of this year,” the source added. 

As for her new line of work, this is also Kim Sae Ron’s way to “reboot her acting career.” However, it is unclear whether she will be returning to the industry after the scandalous incident. 

“Although she has been on hiatus for two years, we do not know when she will have the opportunity to make a comeback, but we hope she will evolve into a more mature actor.”

What Happened to Kim Sae Ron? 

Kim Sae Ron
(Photo : News 1 Korea)

Back in 2022, the 23-year-old actress sparked buzz after she got involved in a drunk driving accident that resulted in damage to public properties. 

At the time, residents and communities around the Gangnam experienced major delays due to the infrastructure affected by the coalition. 

The incident also led the actress to face charges of driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI).

Amid the investigation, Kim Sae Ron’s agency released a public apology, saying that the actress is “deeply reflecting on her wrongdoing” and “sincerely” apologized to the people “who were harmed and inconvenienced through this, as well as all the people who are working hard to repair the damaged public structures.”

Apart from her promise to “do her best to restore the damage,” she also mentioned that she will “dutifully cooperate in the police investigation.”

The incident also led Kim Sae Ron to step down from her role in the upcoming SBS drama “Trolley.” She was replaced by Jung Soo Bin, who also appeared in Netflix’s “Juvenile Justice.”

As for her Netflix series “Bloodhounds,” headlined by Woo Do Hwan and Lee Sang Ji, the director previously explained his reason why Kim Sae Ron’s part was not edited out despite the incident. 

According to a report, Director Kim Joo Hwan said that they “tried to minimize any discomfort” of viewers by trimming down her part but “thought that the efforts of numerous individuals should not go to waste.”

“Bloodhounds,” which aired in 2023, was the last on-screen appearance of Kim Sae Ron since the controversy.