Where Is Ori Now? Idol Who ‘Disappeared’ in K-pop Scene Holds Interview After 15 Years

After vanishing from the K-pop scene 15 years ago, singer Ori who debuted at the same time as IU revealed her recent status. Whatever happened after her retirement?

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As a quick background, Ori officially debuted as a K-pop idol in 2009 as a soloist. At the time, she went viral for her live performance on KBS’s “Music Bank,” but for the wrong reason.

While she initially received love for her cute charms and song, viewers were shocked by her live singing that is out-of-pitch and tune, making her stage one of the “worst debut stages of all time.”

Since then, she disappeared from the music scene and it was only after 15 years that she came back to face the public again.

Ori Denies She Debuted Because of Her ‘Wealthy’ Family — Truth About This Claim

Where Is Ori Now? Idol Who 'Disappeared' in K-pop Scene Held Interview After 15 Years
(Photo : Ori (Sports Chosun))

On February 14, Ori made her first public appearance after 15 years through the @TAEKandJOON YouTube channel.

While she initially declined all interview invitations she received, Ori finally showed up to explain what happened decades ago.

When she left the K-pop scene without any notice, her performance continued to spread and there was curiosity about how she was able to debut with her skills.

She was also bullied for her appearance and even accused of debuting with the help of her father who is a producer.

But contrary to all these claims, the singer explained all the hardships she had to take before debuting, including undergoing an excessive diet to lose 28kg before her debut.

Where Is Ori Now? Idol Who 'Disappeared' in K-pop Scene Held Interview After 15 Years
(Photo : Ori (Newsis))

She also didn’t come from a wealthy family as spread online, and saddened viewers by confessing that her father passed away when she was only five years old.

Ori confessed that she was very hurt with her family after seeing such rumors, saying:

“At that time, my family was very upset. To be honest, I was so upset by those rumors because I don’t have a ‘gold spoon’ and I do not have a father, too, but these people are telling me where my father is. Even though I had a hard time during my adolescence due to his (my father’s) absence, (such rumors) were very upsetting.”

Where Is Ori Now? Idol Who 'Disappeared' in K-pop Scene Held Interview After 15 Years
(Photo : Ori (Newsis))

Regarding the reason she decided to retire after the controversial debut stage, Ori recalled that the atmosphere following the performance wasn’t great, and the PD even called her aside.

Being 16 or 17 years old at the time, she believed that the PD might have called her to scold her, but due to her cheerful aura, they just told her to get lost.

Lastly, her mother and her company’s CEO at the time had a long conversation after the stage. She was told to cancel all of her succeeding schedules and her KBS stage would be her last and retirement performance.

Where Is Ori Now? Idol Reveals She Did Various Jobs, Hints at Return as Entertainer

Following retirement, Ori confessed that she suffered from depression and the fact that people recognize her everywhere made her have low self-esteem.

Where Is Ori Now? Idol Who 'Disappeared' in K-pop Scene Held Interview After 15 Years
(Photo : Ori, IU (Sports Chosun))

Despite this, she bowed her head to them and pleaded hateful comments to lessen now, saying:

“I think it is natural for people to point out my abilities. It is true that I was lacking. I am very sorry. However, behind the scenes, my family was hurt more by such stories.”

Regarding the path that she has taken in the past 15 years, Ori revealed that she has done all sorts of jobs in various companies related to IT, animal hospitals, and more. Currently, she is also trying to do internet broadcasting.

While she suffered so much after her debut, Ori still thinks that it is a memory that she doesn’t want to erase from her.