Where Is Queenz Eye? The Disappearance That’s Left Fans Baffled

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Since their debut in October 2022 under Big Mountain Entertainment, the six-membered girl group Queenz Eye has captivated fans with their unique charm and talent.

With their first album, “Queenz Table,” featuring the catchy title track “Yummy Yummy” and an additional song, the group garnered attention in the competitive K-pop landscape.

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However, their journey took an unexpected turn when member Jenna departed from the group ahead of their second single album release in July of the following year.

Despite these challenges, Queenz Eye pressed on and released more music in October, this time in the form of a digital single titled “This Is Love.” However, since then, the group’s musical output has come to a standstill, leaving fans with only five songs across nearly three years of activity.

For fans accustomed to regular updates and new music from their favorite groups, Queenz Eye’s prolonged hiatus has been a cause for concern. Despite maintaining a presence online between their sparse schedules, the recent silence from the members has raised alarms among their dedicated fanbase.

The group’s top ten tracks on Spotify consist solely of their existing songs, highlighting the scarcity of their discography and the eagerness for new releases among fans.

The concern escalated when member Naerin’s birthday passed without any word from the group, aside from a post made by the company. Fans, who are accustomed to anticipating live streams or celebratory messages from the members on special occasions, were taken aback by the absence of any communication.

In response to the group’s silence and apparent hiatus, fans have taken to social media to express their worries and seek answers. The hashtag #WhereIsQueenzEye has gained traction as fans rally together to raise awareness and demand clarity regarding the group’s current situation.



With uncertainty looming over Queenz Eye’s future activities, fans remain hopeful for the group’s return and eagerly anticipate their long-awaited comeback.