Which Couple in Transit Love 3 are You Rooting For?

 1. Juwon-Seokyung

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 2. Juwon-Yujung

3. Dongjin-Dahye

 4. Dongjin-Hyewon

5. Gwangtae-Jongeun


 6. Sangjeong-Minhyung

 7. Changjin-Dahye

-Juwon-Seokyung, Dongjin-Dahye

-I know there’s zero possibility but Juwon-Seokyung

-Juwon-Yujung, Sangjeong-Minhyun. I just want Dongjin and Dahye to be happy separately…

-Juwon-Seokyung, Changjin-Dahye, Dongjin-Hyewon. I have expectations for Minhyung and Seokyung too, though…

-Juwon-Yujung. I can see her falling in love and I really hope things work out between her and Juwon. I love them both so much. 

-It was Dongjin-Dahye, but Dongjin-Hyewon and Dahye-Changjin also seem fine to me. I just want them all to be happy!!

-Juwon-Seokyung! I’m a bit more curious about Minhyung and Sangjeong. I wish Jongeun wasn’t added later, though…

-I’m the only one who roots for Juwon-Dahyeㅋㅋㅋ

-I really like Dongjin-Dahye and Dongjin-Hyewon… It makes me sadㅠㅠ

-Juwon-Seokyung, Dongjin-Dahye, Gwangtae-Jongeun, Sangjeong-Minhyung

-Juwon-Yujung, Dongjin-Hyewon, Gwangtae-Jongeun

-Dongjin-Dahye, pleaseㅠㅠㅠ

-I just hope Hyewon doesn’t end up with her ex. Hyewon is such a weetheart, she speaks so beautifully and is such a warm person, I feel it’s such a waste for her to be with her ex.

-Only Juwon-Yujung… I do support Dongjin-Dahye too, but it feels like Dongjin is really not keen on getting back together.