Which record held by Suzy (Miss A) seems even more difficult to surpass now?

 1. Winning Rookie of the Year + Daesang + Annual 1st Place with Debut Song

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Miss A’s debut song, Bad Girl Good Girl, won Rookie of the Year and Daesang in MAMA, also the 1st place in Melon Annual Chart

2. Winning Rookie Awards in four different fields (acting, film, music, and variety) during high school

MAMA Rookie Award as a singer in 10th grade

KBS Rookie of the Year for ‘Dream High’ in 11th grade

Baeksang Arts Awards Rookie of the Year for Architecture 101 in 12th grade

KBS Variety Show Rookie of the Year for Invincible Youth in 12th grade


-2. How did she do all of that in high school?

-2 It’s almost an impossible record even for high schoolers.

-I still remember the frenzy when Suzy debutedㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-For 1, if an insane song comes out, it might be possible, but for 2, it’s difficult.

-2 It seems really challenging to achieve in high school… Ah, but winning the yearly top spot with a debut song is tough too… It’s one thing to debut and top the charts yearly, but winning the Daesang with a debut song is another level of difficulty.

-Wow… It’s a legendary career.

-Wow… Looking at it this way, it’s really impressive.

-22222 The chances of this happening again seem really slim.

-How did she manage to achieve all that in high school?

-2 It’s probably never happening again.

-2 Suzy is truly amazing.

-Wow, she’s a legend for all time. Her face is stunning, and she’s seriously crazy talented in acting, singing, and dancing…

-2 Unbelievable…

-2 Even without limiting it to high school, but doing all that in three years…?

-Wow, Suzy’s career is really amazing.

-2 Will there ever be a career like that again?

-2 Suzy’s career is truly incredible.