Which Shaman Do You Find More Memorable, ‘Exhuma’ or ‘The Wailing’?


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‘The Wailing’

‘It seems like many people love the ‘Stylish MZ Shaman’ more, but for me, it’s Hwang Jungmin’


-It’s Hwang Jungmin for me too

-Me too. I personally don’t really like ‘The Wailing’, but Hwang Jungmin’s shaman acting is an all-time legend…

-Me too. I was sincerely worried that he was being possessed. 

-The shamans in ‘Exhuma’ are really cool… However, the shaman in ‘The Wailing’ is so f*cking terrifying…

-Hwang Jungmin acted as if he was actually possessed.

-Hwang Jungmin’s shaman acting was so f*cking scary…

-I personally prefer the shamans in ‘Exhuma’, but I have to admit that Hwang Jungmin left a bigger impression. His acting was THAT impactful.

-‘The Wailing’

-If we’re talking about charms, it’s the shamans in ‘Exhuma’. But if we’re talking about the one that look like an actual shaman, it’s the shaman in ‘The Wailing’.

-Hwang Jungmin got me trembling…

-The shaman in ‘The Wailing’ is indeed the best

-‘Exhuma’ for me

-I think they’re all charming in their own ways…

-I couldn’t even finish watching ‘The Wailing’ because it’s really scary…