Which Truly Is the Best Work By Star Writer Park Jae Bum? ‘Vincenzo,’ ‘The Fiery Priest,’ ‘Good Doctor,’ More

With phenomenal dramas like “Vincenzo,” “The Fiery Priest,” and “Good Doctor” under his belt, it’s hard to decide which among the star screenwriter Park Jae Bum’s works is the pick of the bunch. There’s not a K-drama stan who doesn’t know these masterpieces.

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But if you would be asked, can you really say which truly among his dramas is the best?

The Fiery Priest, Good Doctor, Vincenzo
The Fiery Priest, Good Doctor, Vincenzo

Introducing multiple characters is a delight for the viewers, but maintaining them and serving their own purposes in the story are indeed challenging in making the whole drama worth watching.

Adding spices to his scripts is crafting complicated but fulfilling scenarios that either will make people clinch with anger or laugh for its humorous twist. Park Jae Bum is also known for casting top-tier actors that give life to interesting characters!

The romance genre may not be the focus of his storylines, but the limited sweet interactions of the leads are enough to make the audience swoon over their not so cheesy but slow-burning chemistry. These are the perfect blend of its sometimes bloody scenes, balancing the satisfaction that the viewers will feel.

Protagonists creating a whole gang to go against the enemies and chaotic but slow-burning romance between the female and male leads are just some of Park Jae Bum’s trademarks in his works.

Park Jae Bum is one of the notable and respected drama writers in the industry and is often praised for his top-notch works. But among those, which of his dramas is the best?


‘Vincenzo’ Cast
“Vincenzo” cast

Starring top actor Song Joong Ki and one of 2021’s drama breakout stars Jeon Yeo Bin, tvN’s “Vincenzo” created a long-lasting impression as one of Park Jae Bum’s best produced works.

Mainly focusing on the revenge of the deadly mafia consigliere, the drama brought in a wide range of genres that impressively entertained the viewers.

With 20 episodes, the series did not just receive praise from the audience but also achieved double-digit ratings during its broadcast.

It gracefully concluded with a viewership score of 16.5%, making it one of the most watched dramas in tvN’s history.

‘The Fiery Priest’

A religious man clad in his priest gown while in the operation of revenge is arguably one of the most unique characters seen in K-drama history, and veteran actor Kim Nam Gil perfectly brought Father Kim Hae Il’s character to life.

The Fiery Priest
The Fiery Priest

This well-crafted series by Park Jae Bum did not just gain huge popularity but also gave spotlight to stars Kim Nam Gil, Lee Honey, Kim Sung Kyun, Ko Jun, Eum Moon Suk, Keum Sae Rok, and more.

What’s more? The series was nominated and took home big awards from multiple awarding ceremonies, one of which was the prestigious Baeksang Arts Awards.

With his impressive portrayal of the revenge-driven yet comical priest, Kim Nam Gil won the Best Actor trophy from the annual show.

And thanks to its amazing storyline, “The Fiery Priest” Season 2 is already confirmed and in the process of completing the cast before proceeding with filming production!

‘Good Manager’

Good Manager
“Good Manager”

Who would have thought that putting Namgoong Min and Lee Junho in one frame would bring the most fun bromance in K-drama history?

This 20-episode series did not just bring laughter to viewers, but also inspired them for its narrative.

The hit 2017 K-drama mainly focuses on Kim Sung Ryung, someone who uses money for gangs. When an opportunity knocks, he begins working as one of the heads of the TQ company, where he inspires his subordinates to fight against corruption and inequality in the corporate job setting.

Just after its Episode 2 aired, “Good Manager” recorded its first double-digit rating and maintained it until the final episode, proving its masterpiece status.

‘Good Doctor’

'Good Doctor' Poster
Joo Won, Moon Chae Won | “Good Doctor” poster

“Good Doctor” is a heartwarming medical series that Park Jae Bum made, which is also said to be his debut drama.

The story follows Park Si On, a savant on the autism spectrum who was sent to a specialized care center as a child. He was discovered to have genius-level memory. Eventually, he enters the field of pediatric surgery, where he is given six months to prove himself capable.

This drama brought tears to viewers and immediately attained a double-digit rating during its pilot episode. The series was able to dominate the rating charts until the finale, and its stars Joo Won and Moon Chae Won were recognized for their brilliant performances.

What’s more? The ABC’s “Good Doctor” was inspired by Park Jae Bum’s work!

Which of Park Jae Bum’s dramas are your favorites? Share your thoughts/replies in the comments!