Who Is Elisia? Filipina Idol Confirms Debut Through SBS ‘Universe Ticket’ New Girl Group

Following the recent episode of SBS’s audition program, “Universe Ticket,” Elisia, a Filipina contestant, secured the first spot as an official member of the girl group’s debuting lineup! Keep reading to know more about the idol!

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On January 10, Episode 9 of SBS’s global audition survival program was aired, showing a new song stage along with a second promotion ceremony.

Aside from the impressive performances of the contestants, the broadcast also earned high attention after the first official member of the new girl group was confirmed!

SBS ‘Universe Ticket’ Episode 9: 8 Trainees Eliminated, Top16 to Advance in Final Round

Who Is Elisia? Filipina Idol Confirms Debut Through SBS 'Universe Ticket' New Girl Group
(Photo : universe ticket Episode 9 preview (Xsports News))

On this day, the episode showed the battle of the 24 participants who were divided into two groups; ‘Dream Girl’ and ‘Yummy Yum.’

The first team exuded the overwhelming emotions of the lyrics which contain the message of moving toward their dreams. On the flip side, the second team sang a hip-hop song with the same name, flaunting overflowing confidence, powerful vocals & dance skills.

During this performance stage, two contestants were eliminated, including Yona and Kwon Eunhyung who were voted by the contestants, “unicorns” (judges) and the producers.

In the same episode, the second promotion ceremony took place, wherein the final Top 16 will be determined, then eliminating eight contestants.

There are five levels to surpass in the show which is “P-R-I-S-M.” Whoever reaches the P level will secure a spot in the final debuting lineup, while those who will remain at S will be eliminated.

As a result, Jayla, Lee Huran, Bae Yeram, Goo Gyoryeon, Kim Sujin, and Nizi who were S grade were eliminated along with Yona and Kwon Eunhyung.

Who Is Elisia? Filipina Idol Confirms Debut Through SBS 'Universe Ticket' New Girl Group
(Photo : Elisia (Xsports News))

Among participants, only 1 trainee was able to advance to the P level and become the first member to secure a debut in the new girl group, which is none other than Elisia!

Due to this, she is expected to become the group’s center and will be joined by seven other members to form an 8-member group under F&F Entertainment. They will be promoted for two years and six months.

Who Is Elisia? Real Name, Age, Background of Filipina Idol

Following the episode, there is increasing attention to Elisia, who was the first one to be able to secure her position in a tight competition of a Korean show.

Who Is Elisia? Filipina Idol Confirms Debut Through SBS 'Universe Ticket' New Girl Group
(Photo : Elisia (Kpop Wiki))
Who Is Elisia? Filipina Idol Confirms Debut Through SBS 'Universe Ticket' New Girl Group
(Photo : Elisia (Kpop Wiki))

In particular, Elisia Lyrisse C. Parmisano, mononymously known as Elisia or Eli, was born on April 18, 2009, and is currently 14 years old.

Prior to joining the audition show, Elisia was first known as a child actress in the Philippines signed under Star Magic. She became a familiar face among idol fans as well for being the cousin of Filipino K-pop idol HORI7ON Marcus.

Despite joining the show as an independent trainee, Elisia started the show with a huge impact after she went viral for her “1 vs 1” battle performance where she performed Oh My Girl YooA’s “Selfish.” Her official fancam has amassed about 475k views on YouTube after a month it was uploaded.

Throughout the show, she was widely loved by both viewers and producers. Elisia not only boasts a refreshing visual, but her vocal capabilities and dance skills on top of her dynamic facial expressions also added to the reason she secured her debut.

Thanks to these attributes, she also formed a large global fandom base, especially in her own country, the Philippines ahead of the show.