Why is Jennie called “Seoul Cycle”?

Dating in secret is quite normal in the k-pop industry. Many idols date in secret so they don’t lose fans but compared to other idols Jennie is open about dating so it is a reason why she is called Seoul cycle? Let dive deeper into jennie’s dating life 

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Jennie’s first ever dating scandal was with blackpink’s main producer Teddy in 2017. Even tho yg entertainment denied the rumour but who knows what was the truth behind the scenes. 

Jennie’s second dating scandal was with YG entertainment’s then Ceo Yang hyun suk in 2018. YG CEO Yang hyun suk’s fave blackpink member is Jennie which resulted in Jennie being treated better than her members. Jennie even said YHS selected outfits for Jennie’s Solo Mv back in 2018 which resulted in people questioning her relationship with YHS. 

Jennie’s third dating scandal is with Exo’s Kai. Both YG and SM entertainment confirmed that the idols are dating but soon after it was reported Jennie and Kai broke up which resulted in people believing that jenkai was nothing but mediaplay done by YG and SM entertainment to create hype around Jennie’s Solo debut and Exo’s comeback. 

Jennie’s fourth dating scandal is with Bigbang’s GDragon. In 2021 dispatch reported that Jennie and GD are dating. Dispatch said Jennie and GD have their dates at GD penthouse, Jennie is frequent visitor at GD’s penthouse. Even tho YG didn’t confirmed or denied the relationship but fans spotted GD liking jendragon ship posts and jendragon shipper posts which confirmed Jennie is dating GD. It was also reported that Jennie’s mom also supported GD and Jennie dating. 

Jennie’s fifth dating scandal is with BTS Taehyung. Jennie and V dating scandal made quite buzz on the internet. It all started with V accidentally following Jennie on IG and later a Twitter account leaking unseen pictures of Jennie and V. Even tho both hybe and YG confirmed nothing but fans believe the man who was seen with Jennie wasn’t V but a V lookalike who is friends with Jennie. V never acknowledging Jennie or his relationship with Jennie made fans believe that the person who Jennie is dating is none other than V’s lookalike. 

Jennie’s sixth dating scandal is with The Boyz Juyeon. Both Oddatelier and Juyeon’s agency gave no statement so it’s still unknown if Jennie and Juyeon are dating or not. 

So far Jennie has total of 6 dating scandal out of which the only one is confirmed. Does Jennie deserve to be called Seoul cycle just because she likes to date different men? What are your thoughts on it