Will BLACKPINK hold fan meetings in Asia in 2024?

Recently, Yuanta Securities, a South Korean securities firm, mentioned BLACKPINK’s fan meeting in YG Entertainment’s event plan. Specifically, according to the publicly disclosed plan by Yuanta, aside from projects related to BABYMONSTER and TREASURE, BLACKPINK will have 7 fan meetings across Asia in 2024.

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YG Entertainment-Yuanta Securities
Event schedule of YG Entertainment published by Yuanta Securities

Notably, BLACKPINK’s fan meeting appears in YG’s plan for the second quarter of 2024. This has made fans skeptical since, in reality, the second quarter of 2024 has only about three weeks left.

However, international fans believe that the information about BLACKPINK holding fan meetings in the second quarter is a mistake. Many assert that the fan meeting plan across Asia for BLACKPINK was scheduled in the second quarter of this year. This means that the second quarter is likely the planning period, and the events will be executed later. Hence, it is likely that BLACKPINK’s fan meetings will be organized to celebrate their 8th debut anniversary on August 8, 2024.

Nevertheless, this information comes solely from a South Korean securities firm and has not been confirmed by YG.

Fans are eagerly awaiting BLACKPINK’s fan meetings in 2024 to become a reality.