Will (G)I-DLE Renew Contract With Cube? Yuqi Shares Thoughts: ‘Our Boss Got Upset’

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(G)I-DLE Minnie and Yuqi mentioned their upcoming contract renewal with Cube Entertainment. Will they stay or leave?

(G)I-DLE Minnie, Yuqi Show Positive Attitude About Renewing Contract With Cube Ent

On April 26, the fourth-gen idols appeared on the YouTube entertainment program, “DNE, comment ‘Hey, come here’.”

Hosted by Super Junior Donghae and Eunhyuk, the four celebs talked about various topics, including the female idols’ plan ahead of the contract renewal process with its agency.

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In the show, Eunhyuk brought up the topic of renewing on contract, asking:

“How long do you have until the contract expires?”

When Yuqi replied that they only had a year, the two senior idols gave them the advice to discuss the terms of the contracts first.

With this, she responded:

“Sure, I even lay my back like this when I go into the office.”

Minnie then drew laughter when she replied that she would want a “percentage” (raise) from the company and Eunhyuk approved, explaining that they have been working for about 7 years and they should discuss the terms with the label before moving forward.

Just then, Yuqi eased this concern and described Cube Entertainment in a positive light, saying:

“We are on good terms with the agency. Cube treats us well. They treat us really well. We messed with them one time. We express how happy we are now that we’ve only got 1 year to go. On the shows. To make them nervous. Turns out the stock prices drop! So our boss got upset one time.”

Yuqi once again emphasized:

“Cube treat us well. They treat (G)I-DLE well. Things that we would never expect from other agencies.”

(G)I-DLE Minnie, Yuqi Complain About Cube’s Building

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On the same show, the “Queencard” singers also mentioned their complaints about Cube Entertainment’s building, especially the “dim’ lighting.

Yuqi said:

“It’s dim and dull. I hope they will renovate the interior soon. Back in the day, we used to watch a lot of dance practice videos. The sky wall (background). I used to like that! I want it to be bright. But our dance room background is in grey or black. It has the legit office vibes.”

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While she clarified that the two of them got their separate offices, Minni complained:

“But mine is so tiny. I don’t like the color of the building’s exterior. We could start from there. I want it to be bright. Since we are Cube, we can go blue. I also want more lights in the dance practice room. When we film the dance video, we get shadows on our faces. I want our faces to glow. I want my office to be remodeled, or move me to a bigger office! We contributed a lot!”