Will RIIZE, TWS End K-pop’s ‘Noise Music’ Era? K-Media Discuss Groups’ Rising Fame

RIIZE and TWS are showing impressive music chart performance with their increasing mainstream fame.

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But why are they able to achieve this much compared to their senior 4th-gen boy groups

In the fourth gen of K-pop, girl groups dominate with the reign of NewJeans, IVE, aespa, (G)I-DLE, LE SSERAFIM, STAYC, and more.

Although Stray Kids, ATEEZ, NCT, TXT, ENHYPEN, etc., show strong presence, their strength and power aren’t enough to obtain an influence that is as high as the girl groups.

While it seems like there’s no hope to revive the boy group power earlier established by H.O.T., EXO, BTS, Wanna One, SEVENTEEN and more, two fifth-gen boy groups RIIZE and TWS entered the K-pop scene.

RIIZE, TWS Achieve Remarkable Success After Debut

Will RIIZE, TWS End K-pop's 'Noise Music' Era? K-Media Discuss Groups' Rising Fame
(Photo : RIIZE (Kpopping))

Starting with RIIZE, the septet debuted in September 2023 under SM Entertainment, its first boy group in seven years outside NCT.

At the time, their debut song, “Get a Guitar,” reigned at the top of the MelOn Top 100 Chart, the hardest Korean chart to enter – proving their popularity. As of February 15, the song remained in the top 20, even if six months had passed after its release.

They continued to show their influence after releasing “Love 119,” another song that is maintaining its spot in the top 5.

Aside from RIIZE, another rookie group is making notable achievements in the K-pop market, and it is none other than TWS!

TWS Accused of Sajaegi Following Leap on Digital Song Charts — Here's Why
(Photo : TWS on X)

After nine years, Pledis Entertainment launched its first boy group since SEVENTEEN and they didn’t fail to reach fans’ expectations.

As of writing, the group ranks No. 3 on the Melon Top 100 chart. However, for a short time, it topped the hardest Korean music chart and beat IU, a huge record just 23 days after its debut.

It is clearly a significant achievement that boy groups, especially those less than a month after their debut, are at the top of the chart, which includes popular artists such as Taeyeon, IU, Lim Young Woong, and other girl groups such as LE SSERAFIM, aepa, and (G)I-DLE.

Is It Goodbye to the ‘Noise Music’ Era? Here’s Why RIIZE, TWS Achieve Success in Short Period as Rookies?

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NCT 127
(Photo : Twitter || @NCTsmtown_127)

In the fourth-gen era, the similarities among boy groups were their worldview concepts and music heavily influenced by EDM and hip hop, also referred to as “noise music” in the K-pop community.

This music & genre often incorporate complex storylines, and strong performances with complicated, dangerous choreographies.

However, unlike them, RIIZE and TWS didn’t limit themselves to a certain worldview but established their own “genre” instead.

Will RIIZE, TWS End K-pop's 'Noise Music' Era? K-Media Discuss Groups' Rising Fame
(Photo : RIIZE (Kpopping))

RIIZE introduced “emotional pop,” which is completely different from SM Entertainment’s “SM Music Performance” which is evaluated as “difficult” for the public to listen to.

Under this genre, the septet presents easy-listening music that is preferred by most listeners for its refreshing and comfortable sound.

Similar to them, TWS also promotes its own genre called, “Boyhood pop.” They don’t have a special worldview that uses superpowers that came from other planets to Earth. They also don’t use the narrative that they are superhuman.

Will RIIZE, TWS End K-pop's 'Noise Music' Era? K-Media Discuss Groups' Rising Fame
(Photo : TWS (Kpopping))

Rather, TWS captured the nostalgic feelings of listeners when encountering their “first love,” and presented refreshing music that would remind people of their youth and vibrant days.

The K-media outlet TenAsia concluded:

“Of course, the reason they are popular is not just because they do not have an incomprehensible worldview or because they choose easy listening. However, it seems clear that the power of good music is becoming more important than ever.”