‘Wonderful World’ Episode 1: Kim Nam Joo Mourns Death of Her Son + Drama Kicks Off With Impressive Rating

Eun Soo Hyun (Kim Nam Joo) almost lost everything following the death of her beloved son in “Wonderful World” episode 1.

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‘Wonderful World’ Episode 1: Eun Soo Hyun Enjoys Her Almost Perfect Life

Eun Soo Hyun won the Rosaline Literary Award and was at the peak of happiness. She was married to a loving husband and had a miracle child who came after four miscarriages. She couldn’t ask for more and just enjoyed the present moments she had with her family and successful career.

Wonderful World Still
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She was leaving for an event in another country and received a call from her husband that their son was having a fever. This made her uncomfortable and missed the flight to return home and be with her family. She went home and was relieved to see Gun Woo doing well.

However, she was surprised that her husband, Kang Soo Ho (Kim Kang Woo), was taking pills and found out that he was still mentally struggling since he left his job. She felt guilty and tried to console him.

Gun Woo Dies in Car Accident

Wonderful World Still
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Kim Nam Joo

Later on, they heard a dog barking and Eun Soo Hyun went out to check it, only to find that their son had gone missing. The couple rushed to search for Gun Woo but he was nowhere to be found.

At night, Eun Soo Hyun saw a crowd of people and walked toward them. There she saw her son covered with blood. She rushed him to the hospital, and soon her family went too.

After the operation, everyone was shocked when the doctor informed them about Gun Woo’s critical condition and prepared for the worst.

After having a conversation with her mom, Eun Soo Hyun went to visit Gun Woo in the ICU. While talking to him, her son said goodbye.

Eun Soo Hyun Mourns Death of Her Son + Decides to Punish the Culprit Herself

Wonderful World Still
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Kim Nam Joo

Soo Hyun and Kang Soo Ho were devastated by the incident. After they buried their son, the trial against the culprit began.

The case became the talk of the town. After several trials, the couple couldn’t believe that the culprit was able to escape jail.

Eun Soo Hyun was not in favor of this as she wanted justice for her child. It turned out that the perpetrator was part of a politician’s party and received help in getting away from punishment.

Soo Hyun followed the perpetrator and asked to apologize to her son. But he only laughed at her and walked away from the situation. She was devastated entered the car and decided to go with the second option she had for that day.

She started the engine and ran her car towards the man and killed him the way he killed her son.

Meanwhile, MBC’s newest revenge drama “Wonderful World” made its way to primetime and immediately received a good response from the audience.

According to Nielsen Korea, the pilot episode successfully recorded an average score of 5.3 percent viewership rating, marking an impressive start.

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