‘Wonderful World’ Episode 10: Kim Nam Joo Discovers Cha Eun Woo’s Secret Room

Eun Soo Hyun (Kim Nam Joo) discovered Kwon Sun Yul’s (Cha Eun Woo) secret room, where his plotted revenge was kept. Here’s what went down in “Wonderful World” Episode 10.

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‘Wonderful World’ Episode 10: Kwon Sun Yul’s Plotted Revenge Discovered

Wonderful World Still

Eun Soo Hyun let Han Yu Ri stay beside her mom, who was recovering following her hospitalization. She then left and looked for Kwon Sun Yul.

Soo Hyun ended up at his house and coincidentally found a hidden room where Sun Yul’s plotted revenge against her was projected. 

Soo Hyun was shocked that his revenge was longer than she expected, and he knew everything happening in her life.

Kang Su Ho Fails To Expose Kim Joon

Kang Su Ho, on the other hand, was ready to put his plan against Kim Joon during the news live. However, things turned drastic as Kim Joon showed a picture of Su Ho and Yu Ri before the broadcast.

Wonderful World Still
Kim Kang Woo
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This frustrated Su Ho.

Elsewhere, Kim Joon warned Hye Geum not to mess with him. He then went to Sun Yul and escorted him to meet the people who helped save his father.

After their meeting, Sun Yul visited her mother and mentioned the revenge he plotted against Soo Hyun.

However, his mom stopped him and asked Sun Yul not to proceed with his plan as she understood why Soo Hyun had to do it before. But he apologized and said he would continue with his plan.

Eun Soo Hyun Warns Kwon Sun Yul About His Mother’s Safety

Kwon Sun Yul returned home and saw Eun Soo Hyun standing near his house. He speeds up toward her but stops before his car hits her. The woman told him that his mother’s accident was intentional and needed to protect her.

This information confused the young man. He was also surprised to know that Soo Hyun had seen his secret room.

Wonderful World Still
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Elsewhere, Kang Su Ho’s mother discovered the gossip about him having an illicit relationship with Yu Ri and confronted him. He explained and his mother suggested getting a divorce soon.

Go Eun finally woke up, and Soo Hyun realized that her mother knew something. She told her to take care of herself, and the duo got emotional. Soo Hyun then came out of the room and met Yu Ri. She blamed herself for Go Eun’s condition

Back at home, Go Eun made Yu Ri leave, Sun Yul then arrived at her restaurant and the old woman fainted.

Sun Yul rushed her to the hospital. Soo Hyun then found out what Sun Yul did and left her in confusion about his intentions.

Kwon Sun Yul Loses His Mother

The next day, Sun Yul received a call informing him that his mother was already awake and rushed to the hospital.

Unfortunately, the moment he arrived, her mom had already passed away.

Wonderful World Still
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Kwon Sun Yul was shattered and apologized to his mother for being late. He broke down while his friends helped him for his mother’s funeral.

Eun Soo Hyun learned about Sun Yul’s mother’s passing and headed to pay a visit to the funeral. But her visits triggered Sun Yul and his actions left everyone shocked.

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