‘Wonderful World’ Episode 11: Cha Eun Woo Learns Devastating Truth About His Mother

After mourning his mother’s death, Kwon Sun Yul (Cha Eun Woo) discovered a devastating truth about his past in “Wonderful World” episode 11. 

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‘Wonderful World’ Episode 11: Kwon Sun Yul Shocked From Recording He Found 

Kwon Sun Yul found a recording on his mother’s phone that left him shocked. It was a recording from the day his father was killed by Eun Soo Hyun (Kim Nam Joo) and finally understood why Soo Hyun had to make a choice.

Wonderful World Still
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Soo Hyun then arrived to pay her respects to Sun Yul’s mother and promised to take care of her son on her behalf. When she was about to leave, Sun Yul questioned her visit. Seeing his state, she told him to contact her when he had finished grieving. 

When she arrived home he saw Kang Su Ho getting his things. Meanwhile, Han Yu Ri (Lim Se Mi) reminisced about her happy days with her sister Soo Hyun, and regretted her actions that ruined their bond. 

Eun Soo Hyun Bonds With Her Mother

The next day, Su Ho’s mother confronted Go Eun, Soo Hyun’s mother. They are both aware of what happened and Go Eun cleared that she will not stop her daughter from getting a divorce.

Wonderful World Still
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Kwon Sun Yul finished his mother’s burial and left the cemetery. Kim Joon assured him, while Sun Yul requested to investigate his mother’s accident. 

Sun Yul was aware of something but quietly returned home. His friends were concerned about him but he said nothing much. He listened again to the recording he found on his mom’s phone and broke down after learning the truth about his past.

Days passed and he isolated himself from everyone until one day, Eun Soo Hyun visited him and tried to comfort him before handling the information she had for him. 

Kwon Sun Yul & Eun Soo Hyun Help Each Other Navigate Truth Behind the Death of Their Loved Ones

Sun Yul then began to eat and picked himself up. Soo Hyun, on the other hand, went on a date with her mom. Later on, she revealed Sun Yul’s identity and Go Eun cried for her daughter who had to bear the pain alone. 

Wonderful World Still
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Soo Hyun received a call from Sun Yul and heard a familiar conversation, it was the recording he found on her mom’s phone and Soo Hyun was reminded of the moment she changed everything. 

The two had a confronting yet emotional conversation over the phone and that marked the beginning of their possible alliance. Soo Hyun started to re-investigate his son’s accident. Sun Yul learned that someone had broken into his room. His friend Soo Jin also told him that his mother said something weird during her last moments. Sun Yul was shocked and contacted Soo Hyun and told her that he was ready to know what she had for him. 

The two met and Soo Hyun told him that his mother’s accident was planned. Kwon Sun Yul discovered that Kim Joon was the mastermind behind it, which angered him. This triggered him to get his revenge on Kim Joon.

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