Wonderful World Episode 13 Recap and Review: Soo-hyun Takes the Stage!

Wonderful World Episode 13 Recap and Review: Soo-hyun takes up the stage to bring down Kim Joon, but will this be as easy as it seems? Directed by Lee Seung-young, the drama stars Kim Nam-joo, Cha Eun-woo, Kim Kang-woo, Im Se-mi, Won Mi-kyung, and other cast members.

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Wonderful World (원더풀 월드) is a thriller mystery that tells the story of a mother who stands up to get justice herself when the system fails her. However, she soon finds many others who are encouraged to walk the same road as her, beginning a series of cases that finally get justice and people who heal.

-Wonderful World Episode 13 Recap Contains Spoilers-

Wonderful World Episode 13 Recap

The episode opens up on the day of Gun-woo’s accident where we see Sun-yeol’s father on a call with his wife who asks him to hurry up as their son has been taken to the hospital. Meanwhile, Kim Joon is on his way to meet Hye-geum and is seen texting while driving his car. Due to this, he does not see the incoming Gun-woo and hits him.

Kim Joon rushes out to see what happened and panics when he sees the child while rushing to aid him. However, he looks around and sees that no one has witnessed what he has done and takes Gun-woo away with him. While he worries about how this accident is going to harm his career, Sun-yeol’s father is told that Sun-yeol needs a transplant as soon as possible.

Right then, he gets a call from Kim Joon who asks him to rush as he has hit a child. The man rushes to Kim Joon’s aide and after hearing Kim Joon tell him that he cannot let a “little bug” he accidentally crushed ruin his career, he is sure that Kim Joon has no plans to spare the child’s life.

Wonderful World Episode 13 Review
Wonderful World Episode 13 still

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The man tells Kim Joon that he is ready to take the blame on himself but wants Kim Joon to help his son in return to which the latter immediately agrees. With this, the man puts Gun-woo down after Kim Joon leaves, and runs over him once again before leaving him in the place where Soo-hyun later finds him.

Listening to the audio where everything is revealed and Gun-woo is crying for his mother, Soo-hyun breaks down into tears as she cries her heart out in pain. Seon-yul, who has also heard the audio, is in shock, guilt and pain for what his father did to save him. He is finally able to understand his mother’s sympathy towards Soo-hyun and what happened in the past.

As he hears Soo-hyun’s screams of pain, he leaves her house without a word and with tears in his eyes. Meanwhile, Yoo-ra is worried for Go-eun after the incident that happened earlier in the day and while she contemplates telling Soo-hyun about it, Go-eun’s wish to keep it hidden from Soo-hyun stops her.

However, what she does not see is the fear in Go-eun’s heart after what had happened to her. Meanwhile, Seon-yul is sinking in his guilt while Soo-hyun cries for her child all night long. While the two try to clear up their minds, Kim Joon warns Su-ho that his wife is going to be in danger if she does something stupid.

Unknown to Su-ho, Soo-hyun has approached the police to reopen her son’s case with Kim Joon as the primary perpetrator. The next day, Go-eun goes to the hospital where she is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s while Seon-yul goes to visit Gun-woo’s grave where he promises the child that he will protect Soo-hyun.

Later that day, Soo-hyun is on her way back home while Seon-yul follows her. Sensing him behind her, Soo-hyun tells Seon-yul to go back home only to hear him say that he too heard the recording from Gun-woo’s accident day. Soo-hyun understands what is happening and as he apologises to her, Soo-hyun tells him that it was not his fault.

Wonderful World Episode 13 ReviewWonderful World Episode 13 Review
Wonderful World Episode 13 still

Seon-yul’s tears continue to flow as Soo-hyun doesn’t blame for what happened, but instead sympathizes with him and feels apologetic about what she said in court on the day of her murder trial. As the two resolve the guilt and pain between the two, the next day, Su-ho is surprised when he finds out that Kim Joon and his wife are both holding a press conference.

While the two head to their conference halls, Kim Joon is welcomed by numerous flashlights going off around him while Soo-hyun is welcomed by silence with barely 2-3 reporters in the hall. Kim Joon continues with another election propaganda while Soo-hyun tries to reveal the truth about her son’s incident.

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During this, Su-ho is back home and searching for Gun-woo’s tablet as Kim Joon has warned him to bring him the tablet if he wants Soo-hyun safe. Su-ho does as said while no news of Soo-hyun’s press conference is found on the internet. Soo-hyun is aware of what is happening but doesn’t lose her morale, but is surprised when she finds Gun-woo’s tablet missing upon returning home.

Su-ho meets Kim Joon and sees him destroy his son’s tablet for which he exchanged his wife’s safety. He returns home to find Soo-hyun waiting with questions and he tells her that he only wants Soo-hyun to be safe. Soo-hyun is frustrated by him as she tells him that she doesn’t want to live in a country where the president is the person who killed her son.

She looks into other ways to reveal Kim Joon’s deeds while elsewhere, Seon-yul visits Go-eun with an apologetic heart. However, before he secretly tries to leave, Go-eun calls him inside for food. She tells him to move on from his pain and not harm Soo-hyun anymore as he is the son of a murderer while she is the mother of one.

Wonderful World Episode 13 ReviewWonderful World Episode 13 Review
Wonderful World Episode 13 still

She tells him to get over his anger for his mother’s sake, unaware that Seon-yul’s already guilty heart is only getting worse by her words. After he leaves, she suddenly forgets what has happened and rushes out somewhere. Elsewhere, Seon-yul’s friends are trying to get signatures and statements from other victims of the Junseong Foundation which is run by Kim Joon.

Wonderful World Episode 13 Ending

After much struggle, Seon-yul gets their signatures and soon he hands it over to Soo-hyun while telling her that he trusts her course of action. With this, Soo-hyun returns to visit her mother but is surprised when she finds Go-eun missing. She immediately rushes out and panics when she sees Go-eun’s shoe lying on the side of the road like Gun-won’s.

As she rushes to look for her, she sighs with relief when sees Go-eun in a playground. But when she sees Go-eun cry for Gun-won, she understands that there is something wrong with her mother. She calls Tae-ho the next day and finds out that her mother has Alzheimer’s.

The next day, Soo-hyun implements her plan to get back at Kim Joon as she takes the stage not as Gun-won’s mother but as author Soo-hyun. This time, a herd of reporters from worldwide waits for her to speak while they listen to her. Elsewhere, Seon-yul rushes somewhere on his bike, ready to take action if Soo-hyun fails in any way.

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Meanwhile, Soo-hyun is asked about her next work and she explains that it will be based on a real-life event where she will tell her son’s story. She tells them that she will expose the real perpetrator behind Gun-won’s case which intrigues the audience present. Soo-hyun doesn’t hold back hereon as she reveals that the culprit is none other than the presidential candidate- Kim Joon.

Wonderful World Episode 13 ReviewWonderful World Episode 13 Review
Wonderful World Episode 13 still

Wonderful World Episode 13 Review

The finale week has finally begun and Soo-hyun is ready to go all out in getting her revenge. The first time she killed the wrong person but this time she is smart enough to take another route to end Kim Joon. Alongside her is Seon-yul but there may be someone else who too is here to help her out.

While Su-ho’s character doesn’t seem like he is doing much for his son, we have all seen Su-ho’s growth and can be assured that he isn’t one to let his son down. Su-ho surely has a plan and this time he won’t let his wife do all the dirty deeds. Additionally, we know that Soo-hyun is quite impulsive which is why we see her in action while Su-ho has learnt to deal with power more harshly and knows to be patient.

Meanwhile, Seon-yul is no less impulsive than Soo-hyun and may find himself in trouble very soon, which we are sure of after seeing the way he rushes in the snow while Soo-hyun is occupied with her conference. However, Seon-yul is sure to survive as he needs to get his revenge as well.

Finally, Kim Joon is surely bubbling us with anger with the way he behaves, representing the kind of people who live among us. As he represents one of the monsters in this society, actor Park Hyuk-kwon has shown brilliant skills in playing this antagonist.

Altogether, this drama has already excitingly started the finale week and we are ready to see how the show ends.

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