Wonderful World Episode 14 Recap and Review: Soo-hyun and Seon-yul Find Peace At Last!

Wonderful World Episode 14 Recap and Review: Soo-hyun takes up the stage to bring down Kim Joon, but will this be as easy as it seems? Directed by Lee Seung-young, the drama stars Kim Nam-joo, Cha Eun-woo, Kim Kang-woo, Im Se-mi, Won Mi-kyung, and other cast members.

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Wonderful World (원더풀 월드) is a thriller mystery that tells the story of a mother who stands up to get justice herself when the system fails her. However, she soon finds many others who are encouraged to walk the same road as her, beginning a series of cases that finally get justice and people who heal.

-Wonderful World Episode 14 Recap Contains Spoilers-

Wonderful World Episode 14 Recap

Soo-hyun is ready to take a different path to bring out the truth and this time she arrives in front of the media as the writer Eun Soo-hyun. As news of this begins to spread, Yu-ri gets wind of it and contacts the media and everyone she can get hold of while introducing herself as Soo-hyun’s assistant.

The stage is thus set up for Soo-hyun to take over and she doesn’t disappoint anyone as she breaks the news that her upcoming book is based on true events. As she goes on to tell everyone that it will be about her son’s incident, she doesn’t delay in revealing that the real culprit is none other than Kim Joon.

With this, she has started the waves at last and goes to give her official statement to the police. Meanwhile, Kim Joon gets wind of the same when he is asked to give his statement to the police the next day. Later that day, Seon-yul makes Soo-hyun aware of the reaction of the media which is leaning towards her.

Wonderful World Episode 14 Review
Wonderful World Episode 14 still

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Elsewhere, Kim Joon is annoyed at his assistant for letting Soo-hyun slip their barrier and reveal this to the media. He then tells her to look into Seon-yul’s father’s files and find something that can help them end the battle before it even begins. The next day, Kim Joon arrives in front of the police and plays the recording of Soo-hyun’s conversation with Seon-yul’s father before the incident, in front of the media.

This changes the waves as the media starts accusing Soo-hyun of being in cahoots with the opposition party and trying to slander Kim Joon. Soo-hyun soon finds out about this but is in no mood to play along with Kim Joon’s plans and give up on getting justice. She then goes to meet her mother who tells her of her plan to go away from the city for some time.

Soo-hyun doesn’t stop her and helps her leave the city. Later that day, Su-ho’s mother visits him and tells him about Go-eun’s condition and asks him to take care of her, regardless of what is happening between himself and Soo-hyun. Soon, Seon-yul and Soo-hyun gear up to finish this fight as soon as possible.

The next day, Soo-hyun puts up a silent protest asking for justice for her son at a plaza where she stands with posters of Gun-woo standing erect for all to see. Meanwhile, Seon-yul visits Kim Joon and angers him to the extent that he confesses how he wishes Gun-woo had died on the spot after his car hit him so that he wouldn’t have had to face these troubles now.

Wonderful World Episode 14 ReviewWonderful World Episode 14 Review
Wonderful World Episode 14 still

Soon, Kim Joon’s guards arrive and save him when Seon-yul tries to push him off the rooftop. They beat Seon-yul up and get the recorder out of him which he had hidden to capture Kim Joon’s confession. Kim Joon doesn’t do anything to Seon-yul at the moment and leaves him lying there.

Elsewhere, news of Soo-hyun’s protest is spreading everywhere and Yu-ri once again begins gathering people to help support Soo-hyun. Many others get news of the same and gather people to help Soo-hyun, while Soo-hyun is also visited by her mother-in-law who shows her support.

Meanwhile, Kim Joon apologises to Kim Joon on Soo-hyun’s behalf and asks him to spare his wife, while promising to put up a special broadcast the very same day which will favour Kim Joon. Kim Joon’s assistant finds out about this and begins her counterattack while also sending people to put a stop to Soo-hyun’s protest.

While Soo-hyun is shown support by many others who are joining her in standing for justice for her son, Kim Joon’s men suddenly show up and start disrupting the protest. Suddenly, Seon-yul appears in front of Soo-hyun and protects her from the attack of these people while his friends show up with more support for the protest and chase the men away.

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Soon, the protest continues while more and more people show up and continue to stand with her regardless of the pouring rain. As all the people who were helped by Soo-hyun and Gun-woo show up for the protest, Soo-hyun’s heart melts looking at the people who are here to stand with her.

Wonderful World Episode 14 ReviewWonderful World Episode 14 Review
Wonderful World Episode 14 still

Elsewhere, Kim Joon takes up the stage in another one of his rallies and begins garnering support for himself. As the two groups stand near billboards, Su-ho takes away the attention as he begins the news broadcast. However, he shocks everyone by presenting evidence against Kim Joon.

First, he presents a video of Seon-yul from earlier that day when Kim Joon confesses his crime followed by another video where he tells his secretary that it doesn’t take much effort to fabricate evidence. While this shakes up Kim Joon’s supporters, they continue to stand with him until Su-ho drops another bomb by presenting Gun-woo’s tablet.

He plays the recording of Gun-woo’s final moments where Kim Joon shows no mercy for the child who is in his backseat and crying for his mother. The recording breaks the last ounce of support that people held for Kim Joon as people leave his rally while he pleads for them to stop. Elsewhere, Soo-hyun is proud of what Su-ho has done.

It is revealed that Su-ho had planned this from the moment he joined hands with Kim Joon. He and his friend continued to plan this in secrecy while also roping Seon-yul in their plans. However, this is not the end as Seon-yul also roped in Kim Joon’s secretary who provided the final piece of the puzzle and also recorded Seon-yul’s confrontation with Kim Joon from earlier that day.

Su-ho pleads to the viewers as a father who lost his son to think before putting the man up as the president and ends the broadcast. As Su-ho exists on the platform while leaving behind a resignation letter, Kim Joon is left all alone with no support. The police arrive and take him away which is broadcasted everywhere.

Wonderful World Episode 14 ReviewWonderful World Episode 14 Review
Wonderful World Episode 14 still

This earns a cheer from everyone standing with Soo-hyun as she finally looks up with a smile as justice has finally arrived. The follow-up of this incident takes up headlines as all of Kim Joon’s deeds are dug up while everyone involved with him is also taken under custody. The day of Kim Joon’s trial soon arrives and with numerous statements from his victims including Hye-geum, Kim Joon’s secretary, and Seon-yul, he is finally given life imprisonment.

Soo-hyun is finally satisfied with the justice that took so long as she stays behind in the courtroom and erupts into tears. An image of Gun-woo soon appears in front of her eyes in this loneliness, as he asks her if she still hurts. Soo-hyun is finally able to let go of her pain as she leaves the court and meets Su-ho.

The two are finally able to stay in the same place in peace as Soo-hyun tells him that she is aware that she was the one who left the door open because of which Gun-woo left the house that day. She knows that it was because of this that Kim Joon was able to stop Su-ho all those years back. She tells him that she knows that he too has suffered all these years and it is now time for him to find peace.

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Listening to this, Su-ho opens up about how he always felt that it was his job to protect Soo-hyun and Gun-woo. However, Soo-hyun has shown him that she is much stronger than he thinks and brings him peace her way. Meanwhile, Seon-yul visits Kim Joon one last time and lets him know that his appeal won’t work as he would want because he will make sure that Kim Joon doesn’t escape his punishment.

Later, he meets Soo-hyun in front of a tree that she calls the wishing tree. Confirming that this is a farewell, Soo-hyun tells Seon-yul to have a wish from hereon and make sure to make it happen. She tells him to spring back to life and move on so that he can find his happiness. Soo-hyun tells him that the next time they come in contact, she wishes for him to tell her that he is finally alright.

Wonderful World Episode 14 ReviewWonderful World Episode 14 Review
Wonderful World Episode 14 still

Wonderful World Episode 14 Ending

With this, the two part ways and six years later, there is peace in everyone’s lives. Go-eun has lost memories of everything sad and is living with a smile while Su-ho visits her as her son-in-law who is very dear to her. Su-ho continues to inspire his fellow journalists and supports them when they fight for justice.

Yu-ri has opened her brand and has found her happiness while Soo-hyun has started spending time in an orphanage where her many children now reside. Celebrating every occasion with them and bringing joy into her and their lives, she is finally happy. Soo-hyun has also made up with Yu-ri and the two sisters are back to being together.

Meanwhile, Seon-yul has also found his wish and is now on his road to becoming an accomplished doctor. While on his way back after a busy day, he comes across a poster of Soo-hyun’s book signing event and decides to meet her. He finally arrives at the event where the book- Wonderful World is being released and his gaze soon meets Soo-hyun.

The two are happy seeing each other and Soo-hyun sends her a message that tells her that he is alright. Soo-hyun understands the meaning behind this simple message while Seon-yul leaves after this brief encounter. As peace rests in the eyes of everyone who was once in emotional turmoil, the show finally comes to an end.

Wonderful World Episode 14 ReviewWonderful World Episode 14 Review
Wonderful World Episode 14 still

Wonderful World Episode 14 Review

The finale episode has brought everything from the dramatic confrontation to the banger reveal and a peaceful ending that leaves you with a smile. This has been one of the smoothest endings among Kdramas that not only lay our hearts to rest but also came in the most perfect way possible.

Everything about this episode has been blissful, without leaving any room for tears or heartbreak. While there may be mixed opinions about the relationship between Soo-hyun, Su-ho and Yu-ri, the three are adults who are aware of how time cannot be wasted on being caught up in the past. They have already lost someone precious and know that they cannot take others lightly.

Additionally, the value they each hold towards relationships other than just theirs shows the bond that this family has created over the years. Be it Soo-hyun’s relationship with Yu-ri or Su-ho’s relationship with Go-eun, they are all filled with love and respect and cannot be erased as easily.

Truthfully, it is this maturity from the characters that especially pulls us towards this drama. Even Seon-yul’s character develops along the same route and seeing him show a peaceful face at the end was what we all wanted. Therefore, we can say that the simplicity and peaceful expressions of everyone at the end are what make this drama unique as it fills us with contentment.

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