Wonderful World Episode 4 Recap and Review: Soo-hyun Confronts Su-ho About His Infidelity!

Wonderful World Episode 4 Recap and Review: Soo-hyun confronts Su-ho about the picture but finds an unexpected truth. Directed by Lee Seung-young, the drama stars Kim Nam-joo, Cha Eun-woo, Kim Kang-woo, Im Se-mi, Won Mi-kyung, and other cast members.

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Wonderful World (원더풀 월드) is a thriller mystery that tells the story of a mother who stands up to get justice herself when the system fails her. However, she soon finds many others who are encouraged to walk the same road as her, beginning a series of cases that finally get justice and people who heal.

-Wonderful World Episode 4 Recap Contains Spoilers-

Wonderful World Episode 4 Recap

Soo-hyun cannot stop thinking about the picture she has received and wonders who the woman in the picture could be. Later, during a dinner with her mother and Yu-ri, she thinks of who the woman could be which affects her body as she is unable to accept this side of Su-ho. Elsewhere, Seon-yul looks into Soo-hyun’s story to understand her better.

The next day, Soo-hyun goes ahead with volunteering at an old age home but is distracted by the picture that is still in her purse. She tries to find out who gave her the picture but gets no result. Right then, Seon-yul arrives as asked by Soo-hyun, for the diary when a ruckus breaks out inside the old age home.

Soo-hyun tries to stop the ruckus but is pushed and saved by Seon-yul who then hits the man who is creating this mess. Soon, the two are sent to prison where Soo-hyun arrives to help him settle the case. Seong-yul is annoyed by her intervention but Soo-hyun tells him how hard it is for an ex-con in the world which makes him stop.

Wonderful World Episode 4
Wonderful World Episode 4 still

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Later, Soo-hyun hands him the diary and asks him to not try to dull the pain but heal it if possible. She assures him that she will be there to help him if he ever needs it while Seon-yul tells her about the photo she was looking at earlier. This surprises Soo-hyun as he continues to tell her that he will be there if she ever needs help finding out more about the photo.

The two then separate following which Soo-hyun comes across her neighbour- Hye-geum. She takes Soo-hyun back home where Soo-hyun tells her she would be talked about if she associates with Soo-hyun. Hye-geum tells her how Gu-won took care of her son when no one played with him due to his seizures.

She tells Soo-hyun that she has been a good mother who always influence her which makes Soo-hyun melt as she has been pointed at wherever she went. Later, Soo-hyun goes back home and talks about Hye-geum with Su-ho while the two sit down for some wine. Soo-hyun then shows him the picture sent to her and tells him that she had told him to move on from her and find someone back then.

Su-ho tells her that he only ever loved her and that everything that happened in the picture was just a mistake. He assures her that it means nothing to him as she is the only one for him. Soo-hyun hears him out and agrees to bury this picture in the past and move on. She tells him to destroy the picture himself and find out why it was sent to her and by whom.

Wonderful World Episode 4Wonderful World Episode 4
Wonderful World Episode 4 still

Later, Soo-hyun and Su-ho’s interview is broadcast and everyone who knows them watches the same while Soo-hyun struggles to keep her emotions inside. The next day, Su-ho receives praises from everyone for the interview which he appreciates and goes on to see who sent Soo-hyun the picture.

Meanwhile, Soo-hyun meets Yu-ri and tells her about how Su-ho met another woman after their separation. She opens up about her emotions and how she is unable to accept that he met someone else when she was the one to let him go. Yu-ri is in shock and asks if Su-ho told her about this.

Soo-hyun tells her that someone else sent her a picture and she doesn’t even know the woman as her face is unclear. However, Su-ho clarified that it was nothing but a mistake and while she told him that she was ready to put it in the past, she is unable to stop thinking about the woman and the person who sent her the picture.

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Yu-ri tells her to go ahead and put this in the past as Su-ho has made it clear that the woman means nothing to him and that the person he loves is her. Soo-hyun agrees with her and Yu-ri makes a move to leave after she receives a call. At this time, Su-ho lets Soo-hyun know that he has been unable to track the person who sent her the picture.

Wonderful World Episode 4Wonderful World Episode 4
Wonderful World Episode 4 still

However, the two are unaware that this person has already sent the picture to someone who will create more chaos. Meanwhile, Soo-hyun gets a call from her mother and she makes plans to go visit her. Right then, she hears her mother speak of an envelope she has received which makes Soo-hyun worry and suddenly, she hears the phone drop.

Meanwhile, Go-eun is shocked to see the picture of Su-ho with someone else. Soo-hyun rushes to her mother’s house but sees it empty and the crumbled picture on the floor. She looks around and rushes out to find her at the bus stop where she tells her mother that she is alright. Go-eun tells her that she wanted to question Su-ho but couldn’t bring herself to do so.

She didn’t want to create more problems for her daughter, but seeing Su-ho behave this way when Soo-hyun was in prison broke her heart. She then asks her if she also received the picture and if it was the woman in the picture who sent it to her. She is determined to teach the person who sent the picture a lesson and is ready to do anything it takes to bring justice to her daughter.

Wonderful World Episode 4 Ending

The two cry in each others’ arms, elsewhere, Su-ho contacts someone and asks them about the picture. He then plans to meet this person later that day. Meanwhile, Seon-yul looks into the person he suspects to have sent the picture to Soo-hyun and gets some clues regarding the same. However, when leaving the orphanage where he got the information, some suspicious people follow him.

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On the other hand, Soo-hyun is at Su-ho’s workplace and asks him when he would be free to which he tells her that he will be late as he has a meeting. Soo-hyun disconnects the call and waits there when she sees him leaving the building. This makes her suspicious and she follows him to a hotel.

There, she sees him in front of a room waiting to enter. Soon, the door opens and a woman welcomes him inside. Soo-hyun then gets a peak at the woman’s face and it is none other than Hye-geum.

Wonderful World Episode 4Wonderful World Episode 4
Wonderful World Episode 4 still

Wonderful World Episode 4 Review

The web of lies is getting more intricate and while the ending of this episode suggests Su-ho is having an affair with Hye-geum, I believe it is still too early to confirm this. There is still a probability that the woman in the picture is someone else because Yu-ri’s expressions are making us suspicious.

Meanwhile, the relationship between Soo-hyun and Seon-yul is seeing a turn for the better and we can see a partnership happening very soon. On the other hand, Soo-hyun’s personality has seen a change through time as we see her accepting to move on after her husband’s infidelity but hiding her emotions which she shows only to those who are not involved in this case.

She has truly gone through a lot and this is evident when we compare her character to that of what we saw in episode 1. This is beautifully portrayed by Kim Nam-joo and makes us anticipate what would she bring to us next. Altogether, this was yet another intriguing episode and we are eagerly looking forward to how this story proceeds.

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