“Wonderful World” Presents Kim Kang Woo As Formidable News Anchor

MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama Wonderful World focuses attention on Kim Kang Woo as he transforms into Kim Nam-joo’s perfect husband and Korea’s leading anchor.

When a professor’s son is killed without consequence, she will go to extraordinary lengths to exact her revenge in Wonderful World, a new Korean drama coming March 1 to Disney+.

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After a successful career that saw Eun Soo-hyun climb to the top of her field as a professor of psychology and a household name as a writer, she is brought crashing back to earth following the death of her son at the hands of others. Driven into a spiraling depression, Soo-hyun becomes consumed by one thought – revenge.

Wonderful World

Revealing Kim Kang Woo in character as Kang Su-ho, the actor exudes soft charisma and professionalism as a news anchor evident in his well-angled suit, upright posture, and strong eyes.

Above all, the confidence and composure assimilated by Kim Kang Woo seem to perfectly represent his world. As a result, curiosity arises about the events of that day that completely shook the seemingly perfect life of Kim’s character Su-ho and the mystery behind it.

Kang Su-ho is Eun Soo-hyun’s husband and a talented current anchorman with a former journalist background. He was a perfect husband and father who loved his wife and son more than anyone else. However, he ironically stands tall as the director of the news agency and a leading anchor of the Republic of Korea amid a tragic family story that involves the sudden death of his son and his wife becoming a murderer as a result.

Accordingly, expectations are rising for Kim’s performance, which will show a tremendous range of emotions, from the rigidity of a reporter with a sense of justice to the kindness of a family-oriented husband, and even the appearance of a man struggling in a tragic situation. Attention is also focused on the acting chemistry of Kim Kang-woo and Kim Nam-joo, who will play a couple who share a difficult family story.

MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama Wonderful World starring Kim Nam Joo and Cha Eun Woo will premiere on March 1. International fans can watch it on Disney+.

Source: enews IMBC