Y2K Remake Boom In The Music Industry: Only RIIZE Succeeded On Charts

First of all, RIIZE reinterpreted “Emergency Room” by izi, which was a hit in the 2000s. Released in January, RIIZE’s single “Love 119” takes samples from “Emergency Room” (2005) and creates a pop dance song with their own style by creating a dreamy atmosphere contrasting with its piano riffs and rhythmic drum lines.

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It’s not easy to surpass the recognition of a song that is already well-known by many generations and the singers may feel burdensome as they cannot avoid being compared with the original version. Nevertheless, RIIZE, a group will all members born in the 2000s, achieved great results with their interpretation of “Emergency Room”. As of February 8th, “Love 119” still ranked 4th place on Melon TOP 100, being one of the very few male group songs that charted high during the domination of girl group songs.

On January 15th, aespa also released “Regret of the Times” remake. The original song was an alternative rock track with a strong message released by Seo Tai-ji and Boys. aespa added their unique charms to the original energetic band sound and created a twist in the composition using their powerful vocals. However, the remake version was not successful on music charts. As of February 8th, aespa’s “Regret of the Times” ranked No.942 on Melon chart, and its highest record was No.121.

GroovyRoom released “Yes or No” collaboration with LE SSERAFIM’s Huh Yun-jin on January 17th. This song samples the first prelude of “Love” released in 2008. Unlike the original pop dance track, the new song gave off a new sensation with Huh Yun-jin’s trendy voice and attractive tone. Despite that, “Yes or No” received disappointing results. It failed to enter Melon Real-time Chart on the day of its release and only ranked No.88 and No.18 on TOP 100 and Hot 100 charts, respectively, as of February 8th. 

Reinterpreting old hits released before they were born is indeed a big challenge for idols nowadays. Attention is focused on whether idols will perform better with such remakes in the future.

Source: Naver