Yeo Jin Goo Recounts Middle School Experience Amidst ‘Moon Embracing the Sun’ Success

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In a recent episode of entertainer Hong Seok-chun’s YouTube show, rising Korean actor Yeo Jin Goo took a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about his early days in the industry, particularly during the meteoric success of the drama “Moon Embracing the Sun.”

Yeo Jin Goo, known for his compelling performances, including his portrayal of the younger version of the main character in “Moon Embracing the Sun,” joined Hong Seok-chun on the June 11th episode of his show.

The duo shared anecdotes from their past encounters, including a nostalgic reflection from Hong Seok-chun, who described seeing a “halo” of talent around Yeo Jin Goo during their first meeting.

Yeo Jin Goo, who was just in the third grade of middle school when the drama aired, recalled the surreal experience of navigating school life amidst the overwhelming success of the show.

“School started; I went there as I always would have, but everyone saw me differently. I mean, the principal came by my classroom to talk to me,”

-Yeo Jin Goo 

Hong Seok-chun, visibly surprised by Yeo Jin Goo’s age during his standout performance in the drama, exclaimed, “Oh, wow. You were in the third grade of middle school when you were serving that level of acting?”

“To be precise, I was in the second grade when I performed the part in the drama. I began my acting career at a young age. So it started all fun. But after some time, I started to aim for better and developed a sense of responsibility towards my performance,”

-Yen Jin Goo

Despite the advice from senior actors to not feel pressured by a project’s success, Yeo Jin Goo confessed his desire for wider recognition.

“Many sunbae actors told me that I don’t have to feel as pressured because, after all, a project’s success lies in the hands of the audience. But I just can’t stop hoping for more people to watch my project,” 

-Yen Jin Goo

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