Yeri Recalled Refusing To Join Red Velvet To Become The Center Of SM’s Next Girl Group

Seulgi, Joy, and Yeri appeared in the latest video of YouTube channel ‘Zzan Bro’, which was posted on July 1st.

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“Yeri was going to debut as the next girl group’s center. So their culture was different from ours,” Joy said in this video.

Yeri recalled, “When they first told me, ‘You are going to join Red Velvet,’ I was very loyal to my friends,” adding, “I don’t know what I believed in, but I told them, ‘Oh, then I don’t want to debut. I’m going to become an actress instead.’”

Yeri then recalled, “It’s not that I hate my members. I dropped out of school, so I don’t have any memory of my school days, so they (the new girl group’s members that she had trained with) felt like my schoolmates to me.”

Also, Joy recalled her trainee days and said, “I did it (training) for a little over two years. Originally, the age difference is less if I join Yeri’s team, but I eventually joined the older members’ team as the youngest.”

Meanwhile, Red Velvet released its new album “Cosmic” on the 24th of last month to mark its 10th anniversary.