YG Comes Out on Top in the New Generation Girl Group Skills Debate

LE SSERAFIM performed twice at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, the largest music festival in the United States, in April. LE SSERAFIM garnered attention for entering Coachella in the shortest time since their debut but ended up coming under controversy over their live singing skills. On stage, LE SSERAFIM disappointed with unstable pitch and poor vocalization. 

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le sserafim

Additionally, ILLIT, who debuted in March, also showcased poor skills during their encore stage, causing disappointment. Both LE SSERAFIM and ILLIT are under HYBE.

This controversy brought attention to many other 4th and 5th gen girl groups. YG’s newly debuted BABYMONSTER, JYP’s NMIXX, which have yet to fully unleash their potential despite being from the ‘girl group powerhouse,’ as well as Kiss of Life and STAYC, received a lot of interest and praise for their performances.


BABYMONSTER, in particular, had not achieved significant success since their debut last year, but with the addition of member Ahyeon this year, they announced their official debut. During this critical period, they received attention for their solid skills.

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NMIXX was in a similar situation but recently created an embarrassing moment by staging a sound malfunction to emphasize their live performance skills at a college festival. Despite the members continuing their performance seamlessly when the MR cut off, it was later revealed that this was a pre-planned event by the company. Although they claimed, “The members didn’t know,” the reaction was predominantly that the JYP’s over-the-top strategy was hard to understand.

In the end, YG became the ‘final winner’ in the girl group skills controversy. Although BABYMONSTER has yet to achieve outstanding results among the strong girl groups, they are doing reasonably well. HYBE still hasn’t erased the ‘lack of skill’ of LE SSERAFIM and ILLIT from K-pop fans’ minds, and JYP left only a dark history for NMIXX.

Source: daum