YG Entertainment Solidifies BLACKPINK Members’ Independence with Recent Moves — Details Inside

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In the unfolding saga of BLACKPINK’s contract renewal with YG Entertainment throughout 2023, the conclusion finally arrived at the end of the year. The group decided to stick together but pursue individual projects beyond the YG umbrella, marking a significant shift in their professional trajectories.

Jennie Spearheads Independence with New Venture

Notably, Jennie took a bold step by establishing her own company, Oddatelier, setting the stage for her solo endeavors. This move symbolized a newfound autonomy for the members who were eager to explore diverse opportunities beyond the constraints of YG Entertainment.

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Fans Anticipate Diverse Solo Pursuits

Fans eagerly anticipated the diverse solo pursuits of each member, from Jisoo’s filming projects to Lisa’s upcoming show in Paris, and Rosé and Jennie’s studio collaborations.

Many speculated that YG Entertainment’s management might have previously hindered the full potential of the BLACKPINK members.

YG Entertainment’s Parting Actions as Soloists Emerge

Amidst the excitement surrounding the members’ newfound freedom, YG Entertainment made what fans deemed as its “final” actions concerning the solo pursuits of BLACKPINK.

A keen-eyed observation by netizens on January 11 revealed alterations on YG Entertainment’s website. Notably, the individual names of BLACKPINK members as soloists were conspicuously absent.

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While the group, BLACKPINK, remained listed, the removal of the members’ individual names signaled the end of YG’s involvement in their solo activities.

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Fans Rejoice as YG Entertainment’s Actions Confirm BLACKPINK’s Independence

The online revelation triggered a wave of excitement among fans who interpreted YG Entertainment’s website edits as a symbolic confirmation of BLACKPINK’s newfound independence.


This move only strengthened the belief that the members were now free to chart their own courses in 2024 and beyond.

As 2024 unfolds, the devoted fanbase, known as BLINKs, eagerly anticipates the unfolding chapters in the BLACKPINK members’ careers.


With the shackles of YG Entertainment’s solo restrictions seemingly lifted, the future appears promising for the quartet who have solidified their commitment to each other.