YG Entertainment Unveils BABYMONSTER Comeback with 7 Members — KNetz in Frenzy

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In a strategic move to strengthen its global fanbase, YG Entertainment announced on the 22nd the pre-opening of the Weverse community for the rising K-pop group Baby Monster. The platform, set to officially open in April, aims to create a direct line of communication between the group and its international fanbase.

This move aligns with the industry’s growing trend of establishing digital spaces for artists to connect with fans on a more personal level. Weverse, a popular global fandom platform, provides an ideal environment for fans to interact with Baby Monster through various features, including exclusive content, live chats, and special events.

YG Entertainment Launches Weverse Community Platform

For the first time since their debut, Baby Monster is offering fans a unique opportunity to engage closely with the group. YG Entertainment anticipates a powerful synergy as they endeavor to solidify the bond between fans worldwide, providing them with diverse and engaging content.

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Fans can look forward to behind-the-scenes glimpses, Q&A sessions, and exclusive updates on the members’ lives, creating a sense of intimacy that goes beyond the stage.

This approach not only showcases the group’s commitment to their supporters but also sets the stage for a new era of fan engagement in the K-pop industry.

Rapid Response to Members’ Will for Connection

The decision to establish a dedicated space for global interaction on Weverse was fueled by Baby Monster members’ strong desire to communicate intimately with their fans.

YG Entertainment expressed enthusiasm for the swift preparation of this platform and affirmed their commitment to increasing fan engagement through various channels, not limited to Weverse, following the release of the group’s mini-album in April.


Monsters r coming to Dominate the industry

Like I said BABYMONSTER born for the world not only Korean Netizen

Fingers crossed for an open-minded response from K-Netz! Avoid disliking it solely because BABYMONSTER is associated with YG!


it’s so good to see ahyeon’s name




This proactive approach to fan communication reflects the evolving dynamics of the K-pop landscape, where artists actively seek ways to break down barriers and foster genuine connections with their global audience.

Baby Monster’s Global Impact Since Debut

Debuting with ‘BATTER UP’ on November 27 last year, Baby Monster swiftly captured the attention of global music enthusiasts, earning the title of a monster rookie.

Their unprecedented achievements include entering the US Billboard chart within just 8 days of debut and breaking YouTube records for the shortest debut song by a K-pop girl group.


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The pre-released single ‘Stuck In The Middle’ has been well-received, showcasing the group’s wide musical spectrum and further solidifying their position as a formidable force in the industry.

With the full support of YG Entertainment, Baby Monster is gearing up for their first mini-album release in April, and the addition of Ahyun to the 7-member group signals an exciting new chapter for the rising stars as they embark on intensive activities and continue to make waves in the mainstream music market.