YG fields new rumors of Rose being the only contract renewal in Black Pink

Article: “Jennie! Where are you going?” Rumors of Black Pink not renewing has stock prices in tears

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Source: Han via Naver

[+307, -34] These groups all think that they can do better once they get out there on their own.. when they can’t even sing. They’ll realize soon enough that their glory days were when they were a whole group. The shine came from their name as a group; they’re nothing on their own. So many seniors have shown you examples of what happens… BTS is the best. Only the groups who didn’t disband have managed to survive the times…

[+192, -15] Too bad the members have nothing going for them other than their status as Black Pink members~~

[+171, -11] What makes them special without Black Pink? They’re just any regular celebrity… Do they really think an independent career is waiting for them outside of the group? In what? Seems like they’ll all be headed for their home countries after the disbandment!!!!

[+119, -3] I doubt they’ll renew when YG has been mismanaging them so badly

[+55, -4] I honestly still don’t know why they’re so famous

[+50, -0] We have yet to see a group do better after disbandment….

[+45, -2] Black Pink has seen what YG did to 2NE1. They were disbanded overnight without notice, and for Black Pink’s debut, too. They’re not going to sit there and watch that happen to them when they can negotiate better contracts elsewhere while their name is at its highest value. Baby Monster is set for launch soon and it’s obvious what YG’s going to do next. YG may have been known for loyalty back in 2000 but they’re nothing but a huge corporate company now that you need to escape they let their outdated values weigh you down. What more does Black Pink have left in the group anyway? They’re better off taking the millions being offered to them now and hanging out at luxury fashion shows and taking a few pictures than spending sleepless nights rehearsing for tours again.

[+29, -2] What’s waiting for them outside of BP, though? Have they saved enough to last a lifetime?? They don’t seem particularly talented as soloists… I suppose they must have a lot saved to be making these moves.

[+24, -0] They’re popular only because of their Black Pink name… what is there to see of them without that?

[+24, -6] I feel like Jisoo’s going to go to Forest or BH that manages actors while Jennie or Lisa can go to Teddy’s label

[+24, -6] It’d be nice if we could hear renewal news like BTS. I wonder if a disbandment is really what’s coming?

[+15, -0] I always thought Jennie would be the one not to renew so I’m surprised ㅋㅋ

[+14, -0] I mean, they’re kind of too old now to keep the idol stuff up..

ArticleYG responds to rumors of only Rose renewing

Source: Insight via Instagram

[+111] After all, they are 2NE1’s juniors who saw how YG threw them away

[+74] So who’s left in YG if Black Pink leaves? AkMu?

[+74] So what’re the negotiations at right now? How to split profits when they’re all under different agencies?

[+45] I think it’s always best to leave contracts when your name is still valued. YG has a known track record of throwing out artists like nothing when they want to.. just look at what happened to 2NE1… 

[+30] Black Pink is not Black Pink without any one member 😢

[+15] Rose will probably get her solos, and YG needs to allocate their funds to either going all in on Baby Monster or putting an end to AkMu and Winner

[+22] Not like Black Pink has anything more to gain or learn by staying in YG anymore? 

Source: Insight via Instagram

[+52] YG may be sweet to them now but as soon as they stop bringing in money, they’re going to throw them straight out like they did with 2NE1

[+54] YG may have been the ones to make them but they’ve reached a status where they’ve become too big to stay in YG anymore

[+48] YG has never once succeeded in a girl group contract renewal

[+19] YG is strictly all business with their groups… just look at what happened with 2NE1….

[+9] I don’t want them to renew. I want them all to transfer out. Even if they stay, YG’s just going to push them out for Baby Monster and they’ll be stuck on the backburner. 

[+4] They won’t get the treatment they deserve unless they transfer to an American agency 🔥