YG stocks continue to plummet with Black Pink’s solo exits

Article: YG’s stocks drop all time low after Black Pink doesn’t renew individually

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Source: Herald Economy via Naver

[+1,379, -13] They saw how 2NE1 was thrown to the side, why would they ever want to stay?

[+434, -10] Serves YG right for throwing away 2NE1 like that to focus all their energy on Black Pink. All the assumptions must be true that YG doesn’t take care of you if even Black Pink, who YG has given everything for, would rather leave…

[+218, -12] I wonder why Yang Hyun Suk thinks he’s good enough to produce Baby Monster at all… He claims to treat them like they are his daughters, but you should be treating them as artists??? You’re nothing but a backdancer yourself, take your hands off production, keep your face off TV, and go away… The only thing you’re doing is annoying the public even more, which won’t help you in court…

[+152, -13] I feel like YG could do a lot better if that thug would just step down…

[+50, -1] Groups only shine when they’re together, they end up nothing once split apart

[+40, -5] Seeing how YG’s running things makes me realize how amazing JYP is

[+26, -1] It’s not like the members are poor? Or not popular? They’ve grown as much as they want to and would rather be comfortable doing their own things

[+28, -4] By comparison, Twice has released 3 albums and 12 minis in 8 years while Black Pink only released 2 albums and 3 minis in 7 years. Why would they want to stay with YG after that? The members are making the best decision here.

[+19, -0] It doesn’t look like Baby Monster is going to do well for them either

[+12, -0] The thing about life is that something always replaces the last. I’m sure they’ll find another group.

Source: Naver

[+741, -24] YG has lasted this long based off of pure luck because Yang Hyun Suk is not talented enough to warrant this level of success

[+137, -15] Yang Hyun Suk has zero talent… his entire wealth is based off of Kwon Jiyong and Black Pink, all of which he earned by riding the coattails of Seo Taiji and Kids.

[+78, -4] Yang Hyun Suk may be good at covering up your scandals but he’s no good at negotiating contract renewals

[+36, -0] When I hear YG, the first thing I think of is Burning Sun

[+15, -0] Well, they lied that the members renewed when they technically didn’t and enjoyed a short high in stocks off of that

[+15, -3] The stock prices are dropping way too low for something that isn’t that big of a deal… they still renewed as a group, and most of the income for idol groups come from concerts and album sales, all of which YG owns the copyright to…

– [+17, -1] The thing is, the members are always going to prioritize their personal schedules though. The group contract is just a nice illusion. A comeback will be near impossible if a member decides they’re too busy that year. 

– [+3, -1] Because everyone knows this is basically a disbandment

– [+9, -1] Just let them experience life out in the real world all by themselves for 1-2 years, maybe 5 years, and see how cold it is. They’ll come back to their groups. Just let them experience releasing even one solo album all by themselves. They’ll realize there’s not a lot of money left after all is said and done. Jisoo also seems to want to get into acting but she was only ever cast in the first place for allowing dramas to use the “Black Pink” title in their marketing. Just Jisoo alone? Look at how Hyeri is still struggling even after finishing a megahit like ‘Reply’… She hasn’t done anything since. Reality is a lot harsher than you can plan for.

[+14, -2] I think Baby Monster’s flop debut is a bigger issue than Black Pink. Stocks reflect the price of your future and it’s just proof that Baby Monster’s future is looking bleak.

[+8, -1] YG deserves to go bankrupt

[+7, -1] YG played too much with Baby Monster. There are so many amazing groups already out there with tons of competition, way more than when Black Pink first debuted, but YG thinks they can still rely on their name and sit on their laurels. I don’t even know what’s going on with Baby Monster’s promos.