YG’s Creative Director Defend NewJeans Against “Copying BLACKPINK” Accusations 

Previously on June 10, ILLIT’s agency – Belift Lab, published a YouTube video that accused NewJeans of copying various other artists. 

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BLACKPINK was also mentioned in the video, as it alleged NewJeans of plagiarizing a concept of BLACKPINK with knee-high socks and uniform-like clothes with tennis skirts. 

axis blackpink newjeans

In response to this accusation, however, a former creative director at YG Entertainment, who was in the agency during the rookie era of BLACKPINK and so was likely in charge of the above concept, stood on NewJeans’ side. 

Particularly, the former director published a screenshot of the accusation on his Instagram story along with the caption “Totally different”. 

Additionally, fans have also pointed out that before BLACKPINK, SM girl group f(x) has popularized the tennis skirt concept, and the person in charge of f(x) was none other than Min Hee-jin – the “mother” of NewJeans. This thus invalidates Belift Lab’s claims. 

Source: Krb, Instagram