Yong Jun-hyung Speaks Out on Camera Footage Allegations

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K-pop artist Yong Jun-hyung, formerly known as a prominent member of the beloved K-pop boy group Highlight, has finally broken his silence regarding persistent rumors surrounding his alleged involvement in an illegal camera footage scandal.

In a heartfelt social media post shared on June 12, Yong Jun-hyung addressed the accusations that have shadowed him for years, shedding light on his perspective and offering an insight into the tumultuous period that led to his departure from Highlight.

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Setting the record straight, Yong Jun-hyung adamantly denied any direct participation in the illicit group chat where the scandalous footage was shared. He clarified that while he did receive a video on his private messenger, he was unaware of its content until he watched it.

“I had no involvement in that group chat or the scandal that unfolded,” Yong Jun-hyung emphasized, distancing himself from the reprehensible actions of others implicated in the controversy.

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He expressed his frustration at being wrongly associated with the scandal, lamenting the damaging impact on his personal and professional reputation.

“For years, there have been numerous mentions of me in the media and beyond, that I was part of the scandal, that I was in the group chat, and that I consumed those videos,” he lamented, highlighting the pervasive nature of the false allegations.

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In a poignant moment of introspection, Yong Jun-hyung acknowledged his past mistakes and expressed a commitment to personal growth and maturity. He vowed to reflect on his actions daily, striving to become a better individual.

“I’ll endure it. But please, I sincerely hope that no harm comes to the people in my life I love and treasure, including my family and fans who root for me,” Yong Jun-hyung expressed, demonstrating his concern for those closest to him amidst the tumultuous ordeal.

As Yong Jun-hyung continues to navigate the aftermath of the scandal, he remains determined to overcome adversity and carve out a positive path forward.