Yoo Ah In Update: Prosecutor Appeals for Arrest Warrant + Accuses Actor of ‘Hospital Hopping’ to Secure Illegal Drugs

Yoo Ah In is facing another challenge following his involvement with illegal drugs. The award-winning South Korean star, who previously tested positive for seven types of substances, might face an arrest warrant as the issue against him continues.

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In a report cited by news outlets, prosecutors have formally re-applied for an arrest warrant, four months after the court rejected the initial request sought by the authorities.

Yoo Ah In Accused of ‘Hospital Hopping’ To Get Illegal Substance

Amid the development of the case, the Central District Prosecutors’ Office of the Special Crime Investigation Division in Seoul has requested a new arrest warrant against the actor for violating the Narcotics Control Act, absconding from the scene of the crime, and tampering with evidence.

Yoo Ah In

(Photo : Yoo Ah In Instagram)

It was the same charges filed against him and his associate that were initially dismissed by the court, citing that the action was unnecessary to the case.

As obtained by a news portal, the persecution suspected that the actor “has persistently and illegally consumed medical narcotics through a practice colloquially known as ‘hospital hopping.'”

Court Initially Dismissed Arrest Warrant Against Yoo Ah In for ‘Insufficiency’

Back in May 2023, the court has responded to arrest warrant request filed by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s drug investigation unit, citing that the actor may tamper with the evidence or leave the country amid the ongoing case. This was after the agency submitted addition evidence to support their claims.

Yoo Ah In

(Photo : News 1 Korea)

After more than 12 hours of hearing, the court has decided not to grant the police’s request.

“It is difficult to conclude that there are fears of [Yoo] fleeing or destroying evidence […] It is also hard to justify the reasons and the need for an arrest,” the court ruling states, as obtained by an outlet.

On the other hand, the disgraced actor briefly commented about the court’s decision to reject the police’s request.

In the same report, Yoo Ah In said, “I don’t think it is something that I can judge myself. I respect and appreciate the court’s decisions.”

As for his illegal drug use, the top star is tight-lipped about giving further details since the investigation is still ongoing. On the other hand, Yoo Ah In promised to “faithfully engage in future procedures.”

It can be recalled that the “Seoul Vibe” star made headlines after he tested positive for profopol and six other drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, ketamine, zolpidem, midazolam, and alframzolam.

Due to this, the “Chicago Typwriter” star has been under investigation since his return from the United States in February.