Yoo Ah In’s Doctor Prescribed the Actor Narcotics After ‘Constantly Complaining’ of His ‘Urge to Die’

Yoo Ah In’s doctor shared a shocking revelation regarding the actor during the fifth trial regarding the actor’s violation of the Narcotics Control Act. 

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As the investigation continues, Mr. Oh, who was accused of prescribing the actor medical narcotics, revealed that it was the “Seoul Vibe” star who requested them due to complaints about his health. 

In a report, the said doctor attended the trial at the Criminal Division 25-1 of the Seoul Central District Court under Chief Judge Park Jung Gil, Park Jung Je, and Ji Gwi Yeon. 

During the court trial, Mr. Oh, who appeared as a witness, revealed the reason why he prescribed the actor narcotics. 

According to him, “Yoo Ah In continuously complained of the urge to die.”

Yoo Ah In
(Photo : News 1 Korea)

Based on the records presented to the court, the actor visited the hospital for the first time on June 29, 2021, where he complained about 

his depression and fatal accidents.

As the actor continued to visit the hospital, the doctor noticed Yoo Ah In’s weight had dropped.

“He had lost a lot of weight. The urge to die had increased. In particular, he said, ‘I feel restless,’ ‘anxious,’ and ‘I can’t concentrate,'” he said, referring to the April 29, 2022, visit. 

In addition, Mr. Oh recalled the actor saying, “I can’t do it” and “I’m distracted,” hence he wrote these to his chart and prescribed him medication to control his anxiety. 

According to the report, the doctor’s medical records were submitted to the court as evidence by Yoo Ah In’s camp. 

The actor’s legal team reportedly noted that he is suffering from “physical problems” and “has lost a lot of weight.”

The records state that amid his filming, the “Hellbound” star has expressed suicidal tendencies, along with the doctor’s observation stating that his “symptoms seem to be developing.”

“I have the urge to die, and I feel like my physical strength is lower than before. I feel like I am not getting better at all. It was like nothing before,” as stated in his medical records. 

Yoo Ah In’s Performance in ‘Goodbye Earth’ Garners Hueg Praise from Viewers

Since February 2023, Yoo Ah In has been dealing with issues regarding his involvement with illegal drugs. 

After testing positive for various types of drugs, the award-winning star is being investigated, which prompted him to drop out of upcoming projects. 

However, his Netflix series “Goodbye Earth” had a successful release despite the setback of being postponed due to the actor’s controversy. 

Yoo Ah In, Goodbye Earth
(Photo : Netflix)

Released on April 26, the 12-part K-drama showcased the pre-apocalyptic situation after the Korean peninsula is set to face a chaotic final 200 days before an asteroid will collide with the Earth. 

Joining Yoo Ah In in the series are Ahn Eun Jin, Jeon Seong Woo, and Kim Yoon Hye.

Due to the issue, the controversial actor’s airtime was reduced, but Yoo Ah In received huge praise from the viewers, lauding his impeccable acting skills.