Yoo In Soo Update 2024: Scene-Stealer Returns As Ghost In ‘Midnight Studio’

There’s no stopping anytime soon for Hallyu star Yoo In Soo as he returns with a brand new show this 2024.

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Since his breakthrough in 2022, the actor has since enjoyed back-to-back successes with his amazing K-drama resume, outstanding and impactful performances.

With this, fans look forward to seeing Yoo In Soo in his upcoming transformation into a trusted ghost assistant in “Midnight Studio.”

Yoo In Soo’s Impressive Rise To Stardom

Since 2016, Yoo In Soo has been active in the acting industry, and has appeared in numerous works with a supporting role.

Yoo In Soo
(Photo : Yoo In Soo Instagram)

It wasn’t until 2022 that he received his breakthrough role in the smash hit apocalyptic Netflix show “All of Us Are Dead,” which opened doors of opportunity for him.

In the same year, he transformed into a mage alongside Jung So Min, Lee Jae Wook, Go Yoon Jung and more in the fantasy romance series “Alchemy of Souls.”

'Alchemy of Souls' Stills
Yoo In Soo
(Photo : tvN Drama Official)
'The Uncanny Counter' Stills
Yoo In Soo
(Photo : tvN Drama Official)
'Deaths Game' Stills
Yoo In Soo
(Photo : TVING Official)

Yoo In Soo also starred in the melodramatic Netflix series “The Good Bad Mother” with Lee Do Hyun and Ra Mi Ran and “Daily Dose of Sunshine” with Park Bo Young in 2023.

He also joined the second season of Jo Byung Gyu and Kim Sejeong’s hit drama “The Uncanny Counter” as a rookie counter who hunts down demons with his enhanced sense of smell.

Earlier this year, he reunited with Lee Jae Wook and Go Yoon Jung in the limited series “Death’s Game” which was headlined by Seo In Guk.

This summer, he returns to the acting scene with a brand new series with Joo Won. Keep on reading.

Yoo In Soo To Play Ghost In Fantasy Series ‘Midnight Studio’

From being a mage to a demon hunter, Yoo In Soo now transforms into a hardworking ghost in the brand new series “Midnight Studio.”

Yoo In Soo
(Photo : Yoo In Soo Instagram)

Headlined by Joo Won, the series follows the stories of people who visit a photo studio that only operates at night to take a photo of themselves before finally going to the afterlife.

In the series, Yoo In Soo transforms into Assistant Manager Ko who takes care of the ghost clients inside the photo studio. He’s the right hand man of Seo Ki Joo, played by Joo Won.

Midnight Studio Still
Yoo In Soo, Eum Moon Suk
(Photo : ENA Channel Instagram)

Interestingly, he’s a unique employee. Unlike his boss, he’s a ghost who also once visited the Midnight Studio. Instead of going to the afterlife, he found his new purpose as a studio worker.

With his brand new acting project, Yoo In Soo is expected to showcase his improved acting and a never-before-seen side of himself as an actor.

Catch Yoo In Soo’s new fantasy drama “Midnight Studio” every Monday and Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. KST on ENA.