Yoo Jae-suk’s “American High School Graduation Photos” Revealed (Hangout With Yoo)

Broadcaster Yoo Jae-suk underwent a surprising transformation into an American high school student

On Sep 27th, MBC’s “Hangout with Yoo” posted several photos of Yoo Jae-suk on their official SNS with the caption “Chuseok greetings from teen members in the 90s. Let’s laugh together this Chuseok. Have a Chuseok holiday as bright as the full moon“.

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The photos were created using a recent online trend, where AI recognizes your face from a selfie and generates profile pictures. The “Hangout with Yoo” team used AI to create photos of Yoo Jae-suk, Park Jin-joo, HaHa, Jeong Jun-ha, Mijoo, Joo Woo-jae and Lee Yi-kyung as American high school graduates, bringing laughter to viewers.

yoo jae suk

Yoo Jae-suk flawlessly pulled off various concepts, such as hip-hop with a necklace and a cap, a sleek car racer and a rock band vocalist. The different visuals, though reminiscent of Yoo Jae-suk, became the highlight.

Moreover, Yoo Jae-suk’s handsome visuals with school uniform and glasses offered healing to viewers.

yoo jae suk

Fans who saw this reacted with comments like “Yoo Jae-suk is really handsome“, “He looks natural and cute“, “Yoo Jae-suk’s handsomeness is on another level“, “He really looks like Jung Sung-il“…

Yoo Jae-suk is currently appearing on MBC’s “Hangout with Yoo”, tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block” and the YouTube content “Pinggyego”.

Source: Nate