Yoo Ji Tae Refuses to Star in Romance K-drama After Marrying Kim Hyo Jin— Here’s Why

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Yoo Ji Tae dishes on his past and future plans in show business as well as the reason why he was hesitant to star in romance dramas after tying the knot.

During his interview with a media outlet, the “Vigilante” star spoke about his latest work with Disney+ and his decision to focus on action and challenging genres.

Yoo Ji Tae Turns Down Romance Series Because of His Wife? Here’s the Truth

Known for his versatility, Yoo Ji Tae stole the spotlight when he starred in Netflix’s “Money Heist: Korea,” taking on the role of the professor.

He then continues to capture the attention of viewers by playing unconventional roles, which include his character in “Villains” and his latest K-drama, “Vigilante.”

Vigilante Press Conference

(Photo : News 1 Korea)

However, Yoo Ji Tae has an interesting reason why he chose to concentrate more on action, thrillers, and psychological genres.

In news obtained by SBS Star, the actor said that it has something to do with his relationship status.

“Since getting married, I feel more comfortable playing bad guys or characters with unique personalities.”

Yoo Ji Tae is happily married to “Castaway Diva” star Kim Hyo Jin after tying the knot in December 2, 2011.

Yoo Ji Tae and Kim Hyo Jin

(Photo : News 1 Korea)

In 2014, the celebrity couple welcomed their first child, a son named Yoo Soo-In.

As for his acting career, being in an on-screen relationship is something challenging for him, and for this reason, he tends to veer away from accepting projects that require romance.

“When I’m working on a project, I try to make my acting as authentic as possible, and I felt that portraying romance realistically while being married was something hard for me to handle.”

Meanwhile, Yoo Ji Tae mentions his latest K-drama, “Vigilante,” which is something that he enjoyed.

Apart from it being a webtoon adaptation, the actor shared that he saw “an opportunity to bring life into a fresh character.”

In Disney+’s “Vigilante,” Yoo Ji Tae takes on the role of the fearless chief investigator, Cho Heon. 

His main responsibility is to hunt down the vigilante and learn his real identity.

On the other hand, the real vigilante is Kim Ji Yong, a model university student at the police academy, played by Nam Joo Hyuk.

Other stars who played the main characters in “Vigilante” are Lee Joon Hyuk as the 2nd generation chaebol Cho Kang Ok and the feisty filed reporter Choi Mi Ryeo, played by Kim So Jin.

Yoo Ji Tae on His Huge Transformation in ‘Vigilante’

One of the things that Yoo Ji Tae also focused on in “Vigilante” was his visuals.


(Photo : Disney+)

Since the series is webtoon-based, he wanted to look a lot like his character, and to do this, he gained 20 kg. Among his preparations are intense workouts and a diet.

According to the actor, he “had trouble doing quick movements during action scenes” because of his weight gain.

Yoo Ji Tae’s bulked-up physique was also evident not only in the K-drama but also in how people would react around him.

“Some people were looking at me when I walked across the street. I think they might have felt threatened by my presence. I became so big that I had to tilt my body to get into a room.”