Yoo Seung Ho Discovers Danger of Money In New Thriller Drama ‘The Deal’

Yoo Seung Ho discovers how powerful and dangerous money can be in his comeback drama “The Deal.”

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Ahead of its premiere, a new set of teasers which also introduces the entire cast ensemble was released much to fans’ excitement.

Yoo Seung Ho’s ‘The Deal’ Drops New Character Posters

On September 15, wavve’s brand new thriller series “The Deal” released its first ever character posters, introducing Yoo Seung Ho, Kim Dong Hwi and more.

'The Deal' Cast

(Photo : Wavve Official Drama)
Yoo Seung Ho, Kim Dong Hwi, Yoo Su Bin

“The Deal” tells the story of three long-time friends who meet again to catch up, not knowing that their reunion would mark a tragedy that becomes the end of their friendship.

In the show, Yoo Seung Ho transforms into Lee Jun Sung, a former athlete who plans to start his life anew but gets entangled in an accidental kidnapping with Kim Dong Hwi’s Song Jae Hyo.

Meanwhile, Yoo Su Bin plays their well-off friend Park Min Woo who becomes their target in their dangerous plan.

'The Deal' Poster

(Photo : Wavve Official Drama)
Yoo Seung Ho

The newly published character posters paint the upcoming doom that they will face. Lee Jun Sung shows his anxiousness as he sports a grim look while the text “This is a crime” is written on the poster.

Song Jae Hyo exudes a cold and piercing aura in the photo as the caption on the poster pins him as an accomplice, trapping him in the crime while keeping his relationship with Lee Jun Sung tense.

“Do you think I’m a pushover” is the only question in Park Min Woo’s mind after being kidnapped by his own friends. His soulless eyes reveal his readiness to counterattack and avenge himself.

'The Deal' Poster

(Photo : Wavve Official Drama)
Kim Dong Hwi

Last but not the least, Lee Joo Young, who joins the cast as police officer Soo Ahn, darts her spine-chilling gaze as she investigates in the room next door where a kidnapping takes place.

Attention is given to the three old friends’ chemistry as they portray a relationship in which yesterday’s friend becomes today’s hostage and tomorrow’s accomplice.

‘The Deal’ Unveils Adrenaline-Filled Trailer Ahead of Release

Apart from the character posters, a new drama trailer was also released to keep the tension high through the roof.

'The Deal' Poster

(Photo : Wavve Official Drama)
Yoo Su Bin

The teaser gives viewers a glimpse into the quartet’s lives and it begins with Lee Jun Sung who gets discharged from the military.

Unfortunately, his life outside camp turns out to be a total disappointment as he faces death threats due to his mounting debt.

In the next scene, he tries to maintain his relationship with Park Min Woo, his old friend who becomes his hostage for more than 10 billion KRW.

'The Deal' Poster

(Photo : Wavve Official Drama)
Lee Joo Young

Meanwhile, Song Jae Hyo, a medical student who is on the verge of being kicked out. He plans to escape expulsion with money, even if it means becoming an accomplice to a crime.

Park Min Woo laments his life and relationship with his long-time friends after being kidnapped while Soo Ahn, a police detective, persistently investigates what goes down next door.

“The Deal” is a mindblowing work that transcends friendship and betrayal while showcasing the raw emotions and unpredictability of the youth of this era.

On the other hand, don’t forget to catch the brand new series this October 6 on wavve.