Yoo Seung Ho Makes Controversial Comment — And Young K Has the Most Satisfying Reaction to It

Yoo Seung Ho opened up about his self-image, and made a controversial comment that Day6’s Young K was in disbelief.

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What did the actor say?

Yoo Seung Ho
Yoo Seung Ho

Yoo Seung Ho talked about his career and lifestyle in his guest appearance in Young K’s talk show. The episode was titled “Surviving With Yoo Seung Ho: K’s Survival Story,” and was released on the Daily 7 YouTube channel.

As their conversation continued, the “I Am Not A Robot” star talked about his current lifestyle. The actor said that he has been spending his days, resting, working out, and reading scripts.

He admitted that since he’s a bit shy, he needs time to think things over so he can take his time in making decisions, may it be in his projects or private matters.

Yoo Seung Ho also revealed that since he’s not the talkative type of person, appearing on variety shows scares him. It takes him a lot of courage before confirming his participation in any entertainment program.

Yoo Seung Ho on Marriage

Yoo Seung Ho
(Photo : Pann Choa)

Apart from acting in dramas, Yoo Seung Ho took the challenge as a refresher in his portfolio, to appear in a music video.

To recall, the celebrity surprised many when he starred in Day6’s music video “Welcome To The Show,” which marked the band’s comeback last March.

Young K, who is Day6’s main rapper and lead vocalist, talked more about his collaboration with Yoo Seung Ho. They revealed that they had been close acquaintances for a long time already.

The actor shared:

“After I got discharged from the military, we met again, and I found out that it was their first album. I thought I could help in some way. Plus, I really like Day6’s music vibe.”

Reflecting on the wedding scene in the music video, the actor said:

“I’ll have a real wedding in the future too. I don’t have specific plans yet; I’m just thinking about it and living my life.”

He added what kind of partner he wants:

“My partner would have to be an animal lover. If someone loves animals so much that they’d want to run an animal shelter and trusts me enough to join them, it might be possible.”

Yoo Seung Ho Not Convinced He’s Handsome

Yoo Seung Ho
(Photo : Yoo Seung Ho Instagram)

As their conversation jumped from one topic to another, Yoo Seung Ho made some controversial comments about his looks.

“The more I look at myself, the less attractive I feel. Everyone seems more handsome than me.”

Young K chimed in and said:

“You’re wrong. You should apologize.”

Yoo Seung Ho then humorously shouted:

“I am handsome!”

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