Yoo Seung Ho on ‘Moving’ Season 2? Actor Responds To Rumors Regarding Casting Lineup

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Following the rumor behind the “Moving” season 2 casting, Yoo Seung Ho addressed the news circulating that he is set to be a part of the upcoming sequel.

In an interview with Wavve’s series “The Deal,” the actor was asked about his reaction to the much-talked-about sequel, naming him as one of the possible cast members.

Here’s What Yoo Seung Ho Said Regarding the Rumored ‘Moving’ Season 2 Casting

The webtoon-based K-drama “Moving” created a huge craze among K-drama fanatics after Disney+ released a star-studded series, headlined by Jo In Sung, Han Hyo Joo, Ryu Seung Ryong, Lee Jung Ha, Go Yoon Jung, and more.

Apart from the cast lineup, viewers were also drawn to the show’s amazing plot, and after the series wrapped up the season with a successful finale, viewers demanded that “Moving” have a sequel.


(Photo : Disney+ Korea)

Although Disney+ and drama officials are yet to confirm if “Moving” season 2 will get a green light, there were speculations that the action-supernatural K-drama might possibly have a second installment.

With that, the public predicted that Yoo Seung Ho would be part of the highly-anticipated sequel.

According to the actor, he was clueless as to why his name got involved in “Moving,” and at the time, he had not watched the show yet.

Yoo Seung Ho

(Photo : Yoo Seung Ho Instagram)

“People who knew me were texting me like crazy, asking if I was ‘Kim Young Tak,” he said, as obtained by SBS News, adding, “I had no idea what they were talking about, so I was the one asking them what was going on.”

Yoo Seung Ho mentioned that he got curious after reading his name on various outlets and thought that “the rumor kind of made sense.”

The speculations regarding the “Moving” season 2 casting sparked after a character named Kim Young Tak appeared in one of the scenes, showing his ability to stop time.

Interestingly, Young Tak is one of the main characters in Kang Full’s web comics, “Timing,” “Again,” and “Bridge.”

In addition, the birthdate that appeared in Kim Young Tak’s school data is also the same as the birth date of Yoo Seung Ho, which is why fans and viewers think that it might be a clue to a possible sequel.

However, the actor shared what writer Kang Full revealed in a previous interview, stating that Young Tak and Yoo Seung Ho’s similarity with their birthdays was “pure coincidence.”

As for the truth behind Yoo Seung Ho’s casting in “Moving,” the actor revealed that he “had not been contacted by the ‘Moving’ producers.”

He also added that if he ever gets an offer to become part of “Moving,” he will surely announce his participation.