Yoo Teo Names Woman Who Saved His Life: ‘I thought I’d be gone when…’

Yoo Teo expressed his gratitude to the woman who saved and changed the trajectory of his life.

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Curious about who this person is? Then read on! 

Yoo Teo Fascinated With ‘Past Lives’ Concept About Fate

On February 29, Yoo Teo sat for an interview with a media outlet, where he talked about his popular work, “Past Lives,” which earned international recognition.

“Past Lives,” which was initially released in the U.S., is finally making its way to Korean cinemas this coming March 6.

Yoo Teo
(Photo : CJ ENM)

The movie follows the story of two childhood sweethearts who lose contact as Na Young (Greta Lee) emigrates to Toronto, Canada with her family. 24 years later, she and Hae Sung (Yoo Teo) reunite in New York and look back on their relationship that seems to have ended but never did.

Yoo Teo and Greta Lee
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Yoo Teo and Greta Lee

The author of the work explained that the relationship between the protagonists is fate, which is known as “inyeon” in Korean.

Yoo Teo, who headlined the film alongside American actress Greta Lee, shared that this aspect caught his attention while reading the script.

“I was fascinated by how the scenario was designed to introduce this concept to Western audiences and help them understand it without extra effort.

I thought it would be important for me to fully comprehend and embody the meaning of ‘inyeon’ in order to deliver a performance without any regrets.”

Yoo Teo Expresses Affection Towards His Wife Nikki Lee + Calls Her His Savior

In relation to the film’s concept, Yoo Teo talked about his real-life “inyeon” and the woman who saved his life, who is none other than his wife Nikki Lee. The actor said that they were a match made in heaven.

Nikki Lee
(Photo : Nikki Lee Instagram)

The “Love to Hate You” star struggled for years at the start of his acting career.

“I used to think I was fine with pursuing acting jobs without being socially recognized, but I couldn’t see my future past age 35.”

He continued and expressed his affection for his wife.

“I thought I would be gone when I turned 36. And then Nikki came into my life and became my savior. She is the kind of person who is strongly grounded in this world, and I’m just a clown floating in the air.”

Yoo Teo and Nikki got married in 2006. The professional photographer is known to be 11 years older than the Korean star.

What’s Next for Yoo Teo

Yoo Teo is receiving warm recognition for his brilliant acting in the romance movie “Past Lives.” He also got nominated at the 77th British Academy Film Awards for his performance.

Meanwhile, he is confirmed to lead the American series “The Recruit 2.”

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