Yoon Kye Sang appears on “Newsroom”, “I feel impatient whenever I take a break. I want to have a daughter”

Singer and actor Yoon Kye Sang appeared on “Newsroom”

JTBC’s “Newsroom” broadcast on September 10th conducted an interview with Yoon Kye Sang, who recently made a comeback with ENA’s drama “The Day”.

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On the broadcast, Yoon Kye Sang confessed, “I think people nowadays recognize me as Jang Chen of ‘The Outlaws’. Many people don’t know that I was a singer and an idol”. Marrying Beauty CEO Cha Hye Young last year, Yoon Kye Sang shared, “I feel secure and much more comfortable. I gain confidence in whatever I do because I have my family behind me”.

KyeSang Yoon

Yoon Kye Sang celebrated the 25th debut anniversary of g.o.d and the 20th anniversary of his acting debut this year. He said, “I didn’t know I would be active for this long. I also didn’t know I would become an actor. Whether people recognize me as Jang Chen or g.o.d, I appreciate them all”.

When asked about his hard time, Yoon Kye Sang recalled the past and said, “There were times when I thought that my cheerful image that had been imprinted in the public’s mind would prevent me from taking on diverse roles so I wanted to erase that image. That’s why I believed that I should look more serious”. He added, “I tend to feel impatient whenever I take a break. I’m afraid that if I rest too long, I won’t be able to show a good performance again”.

KyeSang Yoon

Revealing that he tends to consider emotions that viewers can relate to when choosing a script, Yoon Kye Sang explained that he selected “The Day”, saying “The family story touched my heart.” He added, “I play the role of a father for the first time in this drama and I acted with a little friend named Yuna. Looking at her, I want to have a daughter.”

In addition, Yoon Kye Sang said he was preparing for g.o.d’s group concert. Regarding the information that the concert sold out all tickets within only three minutes, he expressed deep gratitude to fans, saying “Thank you so much”.

He also mentioned his diagnosis of a brain aneurysm and surgery back in 2020, saying “When I was lying on the operation table, I really thought it could be my last moment. After regaining consciousness, I realized how precious life is and that I should try to live my life to the fullest.”

Meanwhile, “The Day”, starring Yoon Kye Sang, will premiere at 9 p.m. on September 13th.

Source: Daum