“You Have Done Well” Updates Fans With Script Reading Photos

Netflix dropped a couple of snaps from the table read of its upcoming series, You Have Done Well.

You Have Done Well (WT) is a new work penned by Im Sang Chun known for When The Camellia Blooms and Fight For My Way. In charge of directing is the equally brilliant Kim Won Seok of My Mister, Misaeng and Signal fame.

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You Have Done Well threads on the story of Ae-soon and Gwan-shik who were hailed on Jeju Island in the 1950s. Interestingly, the drama takes the Jeju language title which translates to “thank you for your hard work, you were fooled”.

Paying homage to our parents’ bright days, the drama is an unassuming tribute to their times that will highlight our mothers’ first love stories; our fathers’ heroic tales; our grandmother’s turbulent days, and our grandfathers’ days of love.

Portraying Ae-sun, a rebellious girl who can’t sustain her stubbornness is Lee Ji Eun (IU). Despite being less privileged, she is optimistic. She is a bold and courageous character who dreams of becoming a poet even when she can’t even go to school.

Park Bo Gum takes the role of Gwan-shik whose persevering attitude knows no bounds. He is earnest and lives by the mantra that being diligent can work wonders.

However, he can’t channel that determination into romance. He does not know how to act when Ae-soon breaks down or cries. But he is a silent warrior who adores her and devotes his love and respect to Ae-soon.

Jeju Island’s Ae-sun and Gwan-shik

Gathered at the script reading session, the lead stars beam brightly in the unveiled two-shot images.

First, Lee Ji Eun who has shown solid acting skills across genres such as the dramas My Mister and Hotel Del Luna and the movies Broker and Dream, reunite with producer Kim Won-seok since My Mister. IU’s character, Ae-sun, is a ‘desperate rebel’ who was born and raised in Jeju and fights against her given fate.

Park Bo Gum, who continues to make new moves with various characters such as the drama Record of Youth, the movie Seobok, and the musical Let Me Fly, plays the role of Kwan-shik, a resolute character who expresses himself through actions rather than words. Kwan-shik uses sincerity as his weapon, and since he was young, he has been loyal, silent, and single-mindedly fond of Ae-sun.

Then, trustworthy actress Moon So Ri (Queenmaker, Race) and Park Hae Joon (The World of The Married, 12:12 – The Day) play the adult roles of Ae-sun and Kwan-shik.

You Have Done Well will be launching on Netflix!

Source: joynews24