‘You Really Are from JYP’: Chaeryeong Sighs at 10-Year Friend Young K

On the 11th, the web variety show ‘Chaeryeong’s Full Belly Friends’ (hereafter referred to as ‘Chaeryeong’s Full Belly’) was released on the YouTube channel ‘Merry-Go-Round’. In the episode, Chaeryeong and her longtime colleague, DAY6 member Young K, showcased their unique chemistry, drawing attention.

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On this day, Chaeryeong chatted with Young K, her friend of 10 years with whom she trained together at JYP Entertainment. As Young K climbed the stairs to see Chaeryeong, he affectionately called out, “Chaeryeong, let’s play,” hinting at their long-standing friendship.


Chaeryeong reminisced, saying, “Do you remember? When we were trainees, you danced in yellow high-tops,” to which Young K, after thinking for a moment, acknowledged, “That’s right, they were yellow.”

Chaeryeong added, “You always wore a snapback, so I thought you were an amazing dancer,” before catching herself.


Furthermore, Chaeryeong revealed, “I have an excellent memory. I remember a lot of things. Like when you came in without washing your hair,” causing Young K to respond, flustered, “Weren’t we both in the same boat? I’m fine with it, but are you?” which brought laughter.

Chaeryeong also asked Young K who his closest friend was. Young K answered, “Honestly, it’s my band members. I’m not just saying this to sound good.” Chaeryeong playfully retorted, “You really are from JYP. Your answer is so predictable,” eliciting more laughter.