Younger Brother of an Actress is Involved in a Stalking-Murder Case

 The family of the woman in her 20s who died after falling from an officetel in Busan has raised suspicions of homicide, drawing attention as they claim that the perpetrator is the younger brother of a currently active actress. 

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Recently a post gathered attention on online communities. The post contained a petition from the family of the woman in her 20s who died after falling from an officetel in Busan this January. The OP, identified as a family member of the victim, revealed that Mr. B, a man in his 20s, made a false statement during his initial testimony as he claimed to have witnessed the victim falling after he left her place following an argument. However, the police have secured a CCTV footage showing that Mr. B was with the victim at the time of the fall. Mr. B then proceeded to correct his statement, admitting to being with her at the time of the incident. 

Furthermore, the family expressed distress over the discovery of Mr. B coming out alone with beer cans and slippers after the victim fell. Also, the fact that Mr. B waited for about 10 minutes to report to the emergency services instead of immediately. 

According to reports, Mr. B is the victim’s ex-boyfriend who is currently facing allegations of stalking, including threatening the victim several times during their relationship from August to October 2023. He was reported banging on her door for 17 hours after their breakup. 

Despite sufficient evidence, Mr. B denies all charges without showing any signs of remorse or apology. The family also revealed their shock as Mr. B continues to social media as if nothing happened and that his sister is also living a normal life as she films a drama. 


1. [+178][-2] It’s freaking scary how they deleted my comment right away after I commented that it’s ‘Jeon Hyewon’~~!~!!!!! ’98 liner Jeon Hyewon~~!!!! If they delete this comment again, I’ll just post it again.

2. [+149][-1] How come this case isn’t getting much attention? Didn’t she star as a lead role in a historical drama? If you look up this case on Youtube, all the comments there mention her name. I feel sorry for the victim. The perpetrator still hasn’t faced any punishment at all up to this day. I hope this becomes a big issue and the truth is revealed soonㅠㅠ

3. [+145][-1] It seems like she has a strong backup. Usually, when news like this surface online, the company would say something like ‘We’re currently confirming it’. However, her company still hasn’t said anything up to this day. She’s not getting hate because of the case itself; It’s because it has been months and there’s no update about this case at all that people start asking her about it on Instagram. However, she acts as if nothing happened and continue to post pictures with other celebrities. When people floods her Instagram’s comment section about this case, she suddenly closes down her comment section and pretends as if she didn’t know. That’s why she’s getting all the hate. If only they had apologized to the victim’s family and issued a statement(?) right away back then, it wouldn’t have been this bad. They brought this chaos upon themselves. 

4. [+130][-0] I read it in some article that her dad is a lawyer or something… Working in a law firm. On the other side, her uncle is a team leader in Korea Crime Scene Investigation… You know why, right?ㅋㅋㅋ 

5. [+40][-2] I hope you’ll end up meeting someone like your own brother.