ZB1 Zhang Hao Sparks Controversy With Unusual Meal Choice — ‘Honestly I’m Disgusted…’

ZEROBASEONE’s Zhang Hao, known for his candid interactions with fans, recently stirred up a buzz on April 4, 2024, when he shared a snapshot of himself relishing frog legs cooked in a spicy stew.

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While frog legs are a delicacy in China, cherished for their flavor and reputed health benefits, they are less commonly consumed in South Korea.

Netizens’ Curiosity and Controversy

Upon seeing Zhang Hao’s unconventional meal choice, fans were intrigued and inquired about the dish. Zhang Hao nonchalantly responded with “frogs,” sparking a lively discussion among netizens.

ZB1 Zhang Hao
ZB1 Zhang Hao

Although frog legs are not a staple in Korean cuisine, some netizens expressed curiosity about trying them, while others found the concept unappealing.

ZB1 Zhang Hao/Food Choice
ZB1 Zhang Hao/Food Choice
(Photo : theqoo)

Diverse Reactions

Netizens’ comments reflected a range of opinions. Some were fascinated by the availability of frog legs in Korean cuisine, while others expressed reluctance or disgust.

ZB1 Zhang Hao
ZB1 Zhang Hao

Some netizens’ contributed their thoughts in the form of comments, with examples including:

  • “The people who do it here really have trash manners. What’s wrong with frogs? Bullfrogs were originally brought in for food, so they’re just saying they don’t eat them, you racist bastards”
  • “I don’t think I can eat it, but I respect it…”
  • “No, but I’m not cursing the celebrity, but I’m just asking for a trigger warning on the post because frog legs stew is gross.”
  • “Urgh…”
  • “Honestly I’m disgusted by chicken feet and tripe too LLOL.”
  • “Let’s not speak on other countries’ food culture.”
  • “I tried it at a restaurant before. It tastes like chicken…”
  • “But I kept thinking about frogs while eating it.”
  • “The title of the post has frogs in it, so what’s up with the people who just had to click in and be all “barf,” “trigger warning please” in the comments?”
  • “Seeing the comments, I can’t even get mad at the foreigners who say we’re weird and disgusting for eating live octopus and beondegi.”
  • “What kind of metaphor is this? If an idol sent a picture of dog meat, the whole community would be on fire.”

However, amidst differing views, there was a prevalent sentiment of respecting cultural diversity and culinary preferences.