ZB1’s Zhang Hao Was Moved To Tears By BTS’s Jin

Zhang Hao, a member of boy group ZB1 (ZEROBASEONE), expressed his deep admiration after listening to BTS’s Jin’s live performance

On November 7, Zhang Hao appeared on the YouTube channel “KBS Kpop” in an episode titled “[Leemujin Service] EP.87 ZEROBASEONE ZHANG HAO | Always, Rain, SO BAD, Epiphany”,  where he covered BTS’s Jin‘s “Epiphany” as the final song.

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In particular, when the host, singer Lee Mu-jin, asked Zhang Hao what song he had prepared for the final performance, Zhang Hao revealed that he had chosen Jin’s “Epiphany”. 

“Senior Jin, at the concert. He was singing this while playing the piano, I watched that video. When I was a trainee, I was so touched, I cried. I loved the melody, and I really wanted to perform it myself in the future”, the male idol explained.

zhang zhao

In the end, Zhang Hao performed a beautiful cover of “Epiphany” and received resounding praise. 

Meanwhile, Kim Do-heon, the editor-in-chief at IZM, a web magazine for album reviews by prominent Korean music critics, selected Jin’s “Epiphany” as one of his “Top 5 BTS songs of ALL TIME”, making it the only solo song to make the list. 

At the time, Kim Do-heon also praised Jin’s vocals, saying, “I really like member Jin. He has great visuals, but I’m talking about his vocals. Jin’s voice is incredibly stable.” 

“He also excels in high notes and impresses with many powerful performances in songs like ‘Don’t Leave Me,’” the editor also said, adding “‘Epiphany’ was great from the moment I first heard it,” and “Jin’s vocals hold the center perfectly.”


‘Epiphany’ was also ranked first in a poll by Netorabo in Japan, which asked, “What is your favorite BTS solo song?” Netorabo voting is exclusively for Japanese participants, with a single vote per person and no multiple votes allowed.

BTS’s Jin, lauded as the ‘Vocal King,’ is highly regarded by both fans and experts, and the world is eagerly anticipating his post-military service activities, where he is expected to showcase his dazzling vocal abilities and versatility.

Source: Daum