Zero Base One’s Statement Regarding the Kim Jiwoong Controversy


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Hello, this is Wake One.

We recently commissioned a specialized emotional analysis through the law firm Sejong regarding a video circulated on online communities and social media on the 5th. Here are the results:

After analyzing the speech characteristics of the voices in the video, it was determined that one voice said “Thank you” while the other contained profanity.

Further analysis of the frequency response waveforms showed that the discerned pitch and height were different, indicating that the two voices belonged to different speakers.

Taking into account the overall sentiment that the video was recorded using another recording device in an external location rather than a video calling device, it is possible that the profane voice was recorded externally. This serves as evidence that the profane voice may not belong to the artist.

Despite various testimonies of trust in the artist, we apologize for the delay in providing accurate evidence through additional specialized analysis. We ask for your understanding.

We assure you that we will continue to protect the artist from harm based on facts and will make every effort to ensure that fans of the artist are not further harmed.

We will do our best to promote a healthy and mature K-pop culture.

Thank you.


-Why prolong the issue instead of just apologizing and ending it? Spending money and still getting criticized and criticized, what’s the point? Only the fans seem pitiful.

-The more they try to response this matter, the worse it gets.

-Why complicate things so much… At this rate, it seems like the agency wants to stir up trouble.

-They can’t even offer the most basic apology, what are they saying?

-The image is already ruined, what now? No one believes… If they had apologized to the fan first, it wouldn’t have reached this point.

-Does that mean the fans did it on purpose? If so, shouldn’t they sue to find out?

-It’s not the staff, but the swearing was said by a different speaker according to the voice analysis results, and it seems like the voice was recorded with another device instead of directly recording with a phone on speaker. It seems like it’s the voice from the fans’ side, so they may not feel the need to apologize.

-Just apologize…

-They won’t even say a word of apology to the fan who received all the backlash.ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Wow.

-They’re digging their own grave, seriously.

-There’s still no apology to the end, it’s really unbelievable how they see the fans.

-Either they have no clue how to run a company, or they only see fans as a source of money, not as people.

-Are they crazy? Regardless of who said it, the fan paid $500 and ended up being insulted, and now they’re saying that someone prepared a recording in advance and played it at the right moment when the fan called?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Is the company in their right mind?

-No, they should’ve just apologized, blaming it on the staff’s voice. Who in their right mind would spend money on a fan signing only to curse and swear?;; It would’ve been better if they had just stayed quiet, why stir up trouble and create dissatisfaction?

-Damn incompetent at handling things.