ZICO Reveals He Crafted 6 Exclusive Tracks for BACKPINK Jennie Before Epic Collab

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Renowned for his exceptional song-producing skills, ZICO has left an indelible mark on the K-pop industry, churning out hit after hit since his Block B days.

During the interview, Jonathan delved into the intricacies of ZICO’s creative process, prompting a candid revelation about the genesis of his collaboration with JENNIE.

Behind the Scenes of a Musical Masterpiece

When asked about his most lucrative creation, ZICO chuckled before singling out “Any Song” as a potential top earner.

“I mean, I would want to give all of them a kiss, to be honest. But if I have to pinpoint the top earner, it would likely be ‘Any Song,'” ZICO quipped.

However, the spotlight of the conversation shifted to ZICO’s recent collaboration with JENNIE, marked by the release of “SPOT!” on April 26.

Contrary to conventional practices, ZICO revealed that he didn’t select a pre-existing song and then seek a featuring artist; instead, he tailored the track specifically for JENNIE.

“I didn’t pick the song first and then decide on the featuring artist. I thought, ‘I want to collaborate with JENNIE,’ and then created the song. ‘SPOT!’ was crafted specifically for JENNIE,” ZICO explained.

Tailored Creations: ZICO’s Methodical Approach to Collaboration

Disclosing the depth of his commitment, ZICO unveiled that he meticulously crafted six songs for JENNIE before presenting the options to her.

“Every one of them was tailored for JENNIE. Before presenting our collaborative tracks to JENNIE, I narrowed them down to two. If there was only one option, it might not capture her interest, you know,” he elaborated.

Reflecting on the collaborative process, ZICO emphasized the need to grasp JENNIE’s artistic nuances.

 “We hadn’t worked together before, so I had to understand JENNIE’s style. JENNIE tends to interpret the song herself. Instead of proposing options, I simply kept recording and would say, ‘I like that part,’ when I found something I liked,” he shared. 

The Making of “SPOT!”: ZICO and JENNIE’s Dynamic Collaboration

The revelation offers a rare glimpse into the meticulous craftsmanship and dedication that underpins the creation of a musical masterpiece.

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As ZICO and JENNIE’s collaborative venture continues to captivate audiences worldwide, fans eagerly anticipate future synergies between these two K-pop luminaries.