Zico’s New Single Set to Break Records with BLACKPINK Jennie — Details Inside

In an exciting development for K-Pop fans, BLACKPINK’s Jennie is set to feature in and appear in the music video of Zico’s upcoming comeback single, marking a special celebration of his 10th solo debut anniversary.

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According to a recent TenAsia report on April 4, Jennie has enthusiastically shown her support for Zico’s milestone comeback.

Their existing friendship played a pivotal role as Jennie readily accepted Zico’s proposal to feature in his commemorative single.


Not only will she lend her vocals to the song, but she will also grace the music video with her presence. Fans are eagerly anticipating the synergy between these two talented artists in this highly anticipated collaboration.

Zico’s Long-Awaited Comeback

Zico, known for his multifaceted talents as a rapper, producer, and songwriter, is making a highly anticipated return to the music scene with a new single at the end of this month.

This comeback holds special significance as it marks approximately 21 months since the release of his EP album “Grown Ass Kid” in July 2022.

A Multi-Faceted Career

Aside from his musical endeavors, Zico is set to take on a new role as the sole MC for the first time on a music program.

He will be succeeding singer Lee Hyori as the MC for KBS 2TV’s “The Seasons,” adding another feather to his cap of achievements in the industry.


Furthermore, Zico continues to thrive as a producer, actively overseeing the success of his label KOZ Entertainment’s rookie group, BOYNEXTDOOR.

With their upcoming comeback and Zico’s own return to the spotlight, KOZ Entertainment promises an active and vibrant first half of the year for K-Pop enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, Zico, the K-pop artist known for popularizing dance challenges with his viral hit “Any Song,” has issued an official apology to fellow artists who criticized him for initiating the trend.

The trend began when Zico released a video of himself dancing to the “killing part” of his song and challenging other idols to do the same. However, as the challenge culture grew, many K-pop stars expressed concerns about its impact on their workload and creativity.

Zico admitted that he didn’t anticipate the widespread success of the challenge and apologized for unintentionally causing inconvenience to his peers.

Notable artists like Sunmi voiced their frustrations with the trend, prompting Zico to apologize publicly during a broadcast. He expressed regret for any difficulties his challenges may have caused for other artists and their teams.